Matt writes in to share an LED light panel find via eBay. Normally you’d filter down to Video or Camera lighting, so you might have missed this one (I know I did). These are LED panels used as grow lights for indoor plants or aquarium accent lighting. This particular panel holds 225 LED’s spaced out to cover a decent area. With 4 of these, you’d be working your way up to a 900 LED light source that is said to be rated at 5600K. Not too bad.

There’s two versions that they sell, one being an ‘upgraded’ Ultrathin version. No specs on actual color temperature from that listing, but the ultrathin looks pretty nice. Since these aren’t stamped under video or photo, they run extremely cheap. I just ordered one to test to see if it’s a DIY start, but at worst case it’ll be great for my Photo Cocoon lightbox or place it over my aquarium. Nice that they already come in a housing (looks like aluminum but most likely plastic). They are offered in a variety of mixed color LED’s or just plain white. Make sure you check on the ones that specify ‘white only’ and you can find them below. [Thanks Matt]

find-price-button 225 LED & 450 LED Light panels

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