4K Video with the GoPro HERO4

Taking this setup out with my family today. Let's see what type of footage I can come back with. My fast sd cards did not come in so I may not be able to shoot with ProTune.

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Just checked my mailbox. Yup, that is a brand new #HERO4. @GoPro support has been very responsive and I shipped my other unit back to them. They said they were unable to duplicate the weird problem I had, but will test my unit once they receive it. Outside of that, i'm still excited to shoot with this HERO4, and I should have a video up next week with some samples.


12 thoughts on “4K Video with the GoPro HERO4

  1. Emm

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    @Trooper408 - I've not run into that problem with my units. I have a couple and they all sound good. I use the WiFi app quite a bit so I think I would have run into that issue if mine were bad.

  2. Over $100 for the Kamerar cage, I dunno I want to try the $40 ones on eBay. Though they are saying Hero 4 in the titles the descriptions still say Hero 3 and 3+. I just ordered a skeleton case and though it was for the 4 but it's for the 3, and definitely doesn't look like it will fit.. too big.

  3. I did a *long* 4K video with my DJI and it ends up been two separate files!! The first video is 8min36 seconds long and it start a new file after that. You have to combine the 2 videos. There is no lag between the two.

  4. Can you tell me how many minutes @ 4K with and without protune will get on a 32gig sandisk extreme/lexar 633 ? Thanks! Just working out if i should purchase a 32 or a 64 gig cards.

  5. Emm

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    @kelly - I ordered one, don't know if it's any good but I will update when I get it. i went with one for a multicopter and plan to add handles.

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