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Kamerar is probably best known for offering affordable products, and just last week they recently announced a new affordable 'Mark II' version of their line of video sliders. At first glance the new Mark II sliders appear the same, but the difference is a change on the sliding camera platform. The original Kamerar sliders used a 'dry bearing' similar to an IGUS rail that literally slides on the railing.

Kamerar Slider Dry Bearing
Original Kamerar Slider Dry Bearing

The new Kamerar Mark II Sliders now have 4 Full Roller Bearings that roll across the redesigned track.

Kamerar Mark II Slider Roller Bearing
Kamerar Mark II Slider with Full Roller Bearings

The bearings are smooth enough that you can tilt the slider and allow it to drift over to the opposite end (as seen in the video below). Another added feature is a pulley wheel has been installed on each end allowing you to tether a counterweight that offers smooth control during vertical slides.

The new Kamerar Mark II Video Sliders are found in three different versions starting at $145.00 and up over at (click here).

Kamerar Mark II Video Sliders
find-price-button Kamerar Mark II Full Roller Bearing Video Sliders


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Amazon has a list of discounts available on select Solid State Drives. Compared to other sites there's definitely a savings to be had. While these drives may not be certified for RAW capture in a BlackMagic 4K camera, they should work perfectly fine for other uses such as modifying them for use as an External USB drive for backing up data or handing off footage to your editor. Can also be used in something like the Atomos Ninja2 for ProRes recording.

Every one of these drives on the list has at least 4.5 out of 5 stars, and a few carry a FULL 5 Star customer review rating. Certainly something to look into to see what others are saying.

Kingston 240GB SSDNow Kingston Digital 240GB SSDNow V300 SATA 3 2.5 (7mm height) with Adapter Solid State Drive SV300S37A/240G
List Price: $370.00
Price: $97.74
Learn More
kingston digital 120GB Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow V300 SATA 3 2.5 (7mm height) with Adapter Solid State Drive 2.5-Inch SV300S37A/120G
List Price: $194.00
Price: $52.99
Learn More
samsung evo ssd hard drive Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-7TE120BW)
List Price: $139.99
Price: $70.99
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samsung pro ssd drive 512GB Samsung 840 Pro 512GB 2.5-Inch SATA 6Gbps Solid State Drive (MZ-7PD512BW)
List Price: $719.00
Price: $300.00
Learn More
Intel Solid State Drives Intel 520 Series Solid-State Drive 120 GB SATA 6 Gb/s 2.5-Inch (9.5mm height)
List Price: $159.99
Price: $69.99
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intel 730 ssd drives Intel 730 SERIES 2.5-Inch 240 GB Internal Solid State Drive SSDSC2BP240G4R5
List Price: $269.99
Price: $145.90
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silicon power s70 120GB Silicon Power S70 120GB MLC 2.5" 7mm SATA III 6Gb/s Internal Solid State Drive
List Price: $144.99
Price: $49.99
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HyperX Fury Kingston Kingston Digital HyperX FURY 240GB SSD SATA 3 2.5 Solid State Drive with Adapter
List Price: $245.00
Price: $102.99
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Here's a stark contrast between two different gimbal stabilizers. One is the Nebula 4000 - a handheld pistol grip style 3 axis gimbal for small cameras. The other is your typical 3-axis gimbal frame. While the goal is to have the smallest stabilizer possible, there are cons to going with something too small for cameras like the GH4 and A7s.

Dave Dugdale over at has recently picked up the Nebula 4000 to use with his GH4 camera and has been sharing a few different tutorial videos. Here's the first video showing his initial setup process.

Granted that with some practice you'll be able to balance your camera faster. You may also get better results with a lighter or shorter pancake lens instead of the 12-35mm F/2.8 on the GH4. Obviously the tiny form factor makes this a great compact tool, but it also comes with many cons. The pistol grip design will make low mode shots quite awkward, and a GH4 sized camera will have limited tilt up/down movements before it starts hitting the back roll motor. While I think the Nebula 4000 may be a well made product, it might be best used with smaller cameras (or at least ones with very compact lenses) and when you don't need to re-balance your camera setup.

nebula 4000 3 axis gimbal stabilizer
find-price-button Nebula 4000 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizernebula 4000

The DIY 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Frame Project
In Dave's video you'll notice he may reference a project gimbal i've been working on. For a camera the size of a Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7s, I personally feel there's a minimum size that would allow you to get the most of your camera while still remaining portable and compact. Over the last year, I've built a couple of mini gimbals from scrap parts simply for personal use. Just recently, I decided to take notes of everything I wanted to have in a compact gimbal and had a custom designed frame machined from aluminum. Here's a look at an early prototype i've been using for several weeks with my GH4.

[Update 12.23.2014] These are unreleased videos I shot a while ago as I was documenting the process. I decided to release this today that shows some additional information.

Another recent balancing video

So far from my knowledge, this DIY Mini Gimbal frame has the potential to be the most affordable compact system for GH4, A7s, or BMPCC cameras that allows use of a Manfrotto quick release, provides access to the HDMI + Audio ports, and offers tool-less adjustments for quick balance. So far i've only made 4 of these gimbals and i'm working on a 'DIY Build Video' to show how anyone can wire up their own gimbal. The idea is that hopefully a few more of these frames can be made. If you're interested in this project leave some comments and keep following the blog.

Cheesycam DIY Mini Gimbal Panasonic GH4 Sony A7s BMPCC Pocket Cinema LX100 NEXcheesycam diy gimbal frame mini gh4 a7s stabilizer kitcheesycam diy gimbal frame kit mini stabilizer gh4 a7s
Cheesycam DIY 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Frame for Panasonic GH4 Sony A7s



varavon wirecam cable cam

Varavon has been teasing their Wire Cam (cablecam) product for a few years now, but they state they will officially open sales starting next week. We'll just have to wait to see. Here's the latest video demo using the BirdyCam2 gimbal placed below the Wire Cam.

The Wire Cam can be used with any 3 axis gimbal stabilizer, or with your camera mounted directly (though it won't be stabilized). You can already find a parts list, more video samples, and additional information at the Wire Cam product page (click here).
read more button Varavon Wire Cam - Remote Cable Cam



Here's a very quick and simple look at the SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter that can add an Anamorphic aesthetic to just about any lens you can fit it on. Compared to other Anamorphic Vintage lenses out there that can get quite heavy and require additional supports and adjustments, the SLR Magic Anamorph is pretty simple and basically screws on like a filter.

I have yet to go out and shoot as it's been storming out here in California, but at least you get an idea of what it is and how you can attach it to any lens in your kit. It will work on anything from a Micro Four Thirds camera to a Full Frame Canon 5D Mark III. It really depends on the lens you are mounting the SLRMagic to.

The image seen by the camera are 'slightly skewed', but to make life easier you can use an external monitor to scale the image in real time. The MustHD Monitors are an affordable line that offers this ability so that you can better frame, compose, and focus your shots. If you want to see some real world examples, you guys can take a look at the many other samples over on Vimeo (found here).

For information about the SLR Magic and optional Diopters bundle check out the product listing over at B&H
slrmagic anamorphot gh4
find-price-button SLR Magic Anamorphot Lens Adapter



If you've been following me, you'll see that i've been putting a lot of time and energy into my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras over the past months. I've been able to mock up a few different setups using several different parts, but honestly I would love to just simplify things and shrink down my battery solution.

balckmagic pocket cinema cameras cheesycam

So in order to standardize my equipment, shrink down and clean up the rigs, I have been looking towards the Varavon BMPCC Kit. The full kit includes an armor cage with HDMI and Power cable locks, Top Handle, and 15mm Rods. They also offer one of the smallest and cleanest BMPCC Battery Solutions with a 15mm clamp.

blackmagic pocket cineme camera varavon armor cage battery

Once I attach my mini shoulder pad and two small front handles, i'd be one happy camper. My goal is to have both my BMPCCs in the same exact setup, but that gets to be expensive. I have already discussed with Varavon the possibility of a significant discount on this bundle if I can organize a 'Group Buy'. So i'm reaching out to see who wants to partake in such an event.

Now the total package $319 [Armor Cage:Top Handle:Rods] + $180 [Battery Package:15mm Clamp] + Shipping = Over $500 Dollars.

If I can get 20 orders together (limit only 20 will be sold at this discount), they have offered to sell each bundle for JUST $320 + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. And for kicks they'll also throw in one of their Sling Follow Focus tools too.

Once again, i'm trying to drum up at least 20 people who are interested in getting in on this bundle for $320. The have agreed to ONLY OFFER 20 bundles at this price. Start leaving some comments, and if I think we can pull it off i'll start to organize the logistics for everyone to place their order. I have until the end of next week [12.19.2014] to put this deal through - Leave Comments!


P.S. - I'm hoping to make this 'First Cheesycam Group Buy' a success, and i'll be sure to organize more of these with other companies as well. #GroupBuy

[UPDATE 12.15.2014]: Register NOW For this Deal



I'm a big fan of Rechargeable AA batteries but under a few conditions. They have to 'stay charged' even when sitting around a few weeks or even a few months. They also have to perform longer than your average battery, so less swapping through the day. This is why I built up an inventory of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries and have been using them in heavy rotation. The problem of course is these things aren't cheap.

Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeables
find-price-button Sanyo Eneloop 8PK AA Rechargeable Batteries

Aside from all the camera accessories such as LED lights, portable audio recorders, and wireless mic packs, they have found their way into my home inside wireless mice, wireless keyboards, television remote controls, XBOX and Wii controllers. There just doesn't seem to be enough to go around these days, and looking to buy more I turned to AmazonBasics Rechargeable AA Batteries. With almost exact performance as the Sanyo Eneloops but at maybe 33% or so cheaper.

fvlight z96 led amazon basics
(5) AmazonBasics Rechargeable AA batteries in F&V Z96 LED Light


I'm still using my Sanyo chargers to recharge these batteries, so if you're already invested in Sanyo Eneloops these will fit seamlessly into your workflow. I've been very happy so far, but don't take my word. There are tons of reviews and customers performing extensive tests against the Eneloops. It would be my suggestion that you look into these batteries before pricing steadily climbs (find them here).

amazonbasics rechargable batteriesaa rechargeable batteries
find-price-button AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries