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If you're a fan of Kata camera bags, then you might be interested in the 50% OFF Kata Minibee 110PL Camera Backpack sale. Here's a few images of my own personal Kata Minibee Backpack to show some of it's features.

Kata Mini Bee--2 Kata Mini Bee--3
Kata Mini Bee--4 Kata Mini Bee--5
Kata Mini Bee--6 Kata Mini Bee--7
Kata Mini Bee--8 Kata Mini Bee--9

It's a great small backpack, very comfortable to wear all day, built to withstand abuse, and we use one during our travels. No worries about broken straps, broken zippers, rips or tears. Well padded with many quick access pockets, and still room to fit a laptop.

Kata bags aren't cheap, and that's a good reason to share this 50% off discount. More about the Kata Minibee 110 PL Camera BackPack at B&H (click here).

Kata-MiniBee BackpaclKata Backpack DSLR VideoKata-Backpack
find-price-button Kata Minibee 110 PL Camera Backpack


For those who have been eyeballing SmallHD's latest AC-7 OLED Field Monitors, today you can save $300 OFF both the HDMI and SDI models. Jump over to the product page to see how the SmallHD AC7-OLED was used on set for the upcoming movie 'Need for Speed' with Shane Hurlbut (found here).

SmallHD OLED  AC7-OLED Field Monitor
SmallHD AC7-OLED Field Monitor Sale

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FYI, here's a deal on that expires in the next two (2) days. The Rokinon 24mm T/1.5, 35mm T/1.5, and 85mm T/1.5 Cine lenses are bundled for an extra savings or $250 dollars. Available in Canon, Nikon, and Sony E/A mounts, but they can easily be adapted to fit M4/3 cameras as well. As far as Rokinon Cine Lenses go, these are probably the most popular and the deal ends March 2nd. Check it out via B&H (found here)

Rokinon Cine Lens Bundles
find-price-button Rokinon Cine Lens Bundle Deal 24mm, 35mm, 85mm T/1.5


I was looking for a few more strong mini ball heads and just happened to run into these guys. From the photos they looked pretty high quality, and at less than $8 bucks a piece, worth a shot. Once they dropped in, I was pretty happy with the build on these things.

You probably saw me earlier mounting this to that CAME 2 Axis Gimbal under the MustHD Monitor. Very sturdy little ball heads and priced well against many of the other micro / mini ball heads. For under $8 dollars + free shipping, you can find the Osrso ball heads via eBay (click here).

osrso mini ball head cheesycam ebay FRT-01 FRT-02 FRT-03s-l225-2osrso mini ball head cheesycam ebay FRT-01 FRT-02 FRT-03
find-price-button Osrso Heavy Duty Inexpensive Mini Ball Heads

Other ball heads mentioned in the video

Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head
Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball
Giottos Mini Ball Head
Giottos Mini Ball Head
Junior Joint Pro Mini Ball Head


Edlekrone is stepping up their game with the new SliderPlus 'PRO'. The new Pro version can carry up to 50% more, is compatible with Edelkrone's latest motion control systems, and can be disassembled for servicing or repair.

For a complete look at Edelkrone products, check out the website at

Edelkrone SliderPlus Pro



Kamerar has released a few GoPro accessories that allow you to get more creative with the Hero3/Hero3+ cameras. The new Kampro Handle Kit works with existing GoPro housings (waterproof / skeleton) comes with 1x Handle, 3x Thumb Screws, 2x Threaded Pivot Arm, 1x Pivot Arm, 1x Phone Mount, 1x Tripod Mount, and 1x Cold Shoe Mount. The Kampro Handle Kit can be found (here).

find-price-button Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit for GoPro Hero Cameras

When you want to run the GoPro 'naked' (without the waterproof housing), Kamerar has released an affordable GoPro Cage. Made of precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum, the new Kampro offers a few cold shoe mounts (a feature not found on other GoPro cages) ready to accept microphones, led lights, or other accessories.
Kamerar Kampro GoPro Cage
A single knob locks the GoPro Hero3/Hero3+ in place while still allowing full access to ports, buttons, lcd screen, MicroSD slot, and fast access for battery swaps. A lens cap fitted over a 37mm threaded filter mount is ready to accept your ND, CPL, or other popular filters. For more information on these products, check out the website (click here).

find-price-button Kamerar KamPro GoPro Cage with Cold Shoe & 1/4-20 threaded Taps


For those who are still shopping for a set of affordable LED video light panels, here is a closer look at the F&V K4000/ K4000s Bi-Color LED Studio Panel 3 Light Kit.

The K4000/K4000s LED Lights can be powered by V-mount battery, 3.5mm DC input, or by a more robust V-mount to AC wall adapter. The filters are offset to eliminate multi-shadow effects typically found on panels that use multi-led bulb arrays. Sold separately these lights run up to $500/each, but as a 3 piece kit (which includes a travel case) these lights end up running as low as $330/each (found here). If you want to get a few more ideas on how professionals are using these lights, take a look at the F&V Video Gallery page (found here).

find-price-button K4000 Single Color / K4000S Bi-Color LED Video Light Kits


Nikon D4s Camera DSLR

Nikon has released the D4s, an upgraded version of their flagship D4 DSLR. The new Nikon D4s Digital SLR Camera sports a new 16.2-megapixel sensor, faster processor, and a faster autofocus system. The D4s claims to be even better in low-lighting than the D4 (which was already quite impressive). As a comparison the original D4 offered ISO settings of Lo1 (ISO 50) to Hi4 (ISO 204,800), while the new D4s offers Lo1 (ISO 50) to Hi4 (ISO 409,600).

The D4s improves only slightly faster with a burst rate of 11fps (as opposed to 10fps). For video shooters, the previous D4 offered 1080p Full HD video at 30/25 or 24p, while the new D4s camera now adds on 1080p Full HD video at 60fps. If i'm correct, the D4 also offered a clean HDMI signal that can be recorded from. Still, the price point of this camera may appeal more towards professional photographers over video shooters.

There's more to the new D4s, and additional information about the new Nikon D4s DSLR Camera can be found via Adorama (click here).

Nikon D4s CameraNikon D4s
find-price-button Nikon D4s Digital SLR Camera