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Sony RX100 Mark II RX100II RX100M2 RX100MII HDMI EVF External LCD

Quite ridiculous to see an external EVF on the new Sony RX100 Mark II, but with 1080p out at least you know playback to your televisions will look good right out of the camera. They finally got it right and placed the Micro HDMI port in a proper location (instead of underneath next to tripod mount).

I'm currently going through the wireless feature in which you can stream live view from the camera to your smart phone for remote viewing. You can remotely operate the shutter as well as (both) starting and stopping video mode. I can see this as a handy feature for those who need to place cameras in various angles while controlling them remotely.

There are a few things i'm not so impressed with the RX100 Mark II, but many of the newly added features has made it well worth upgrading. I should have a short video highlighting some of my new favorite features compared to the old RX100 up shortly.

RX100 Mark II
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II Wi-Fi SmartPhone Remote Connection



Here's a look at the new Honu Video Cage dedicated for the Panasonic #GH3 camera by Fhugen (pronounced Fusion). It's a 4 piece design that assembles into a very solid, yet lightweight, cage. It's designed to be as compact as possible while still allowing access to all of the main GH3 controls.

If you shoot with the Panasonic #GH3 camera and require mounting various accessories like a large monitor, EVF, audio preamps, mic receivers, etc, this is one product to really look forward to.

The Honu Cage has three dovetails ready to mount up your hot shoe accessories without having to find additional adapters. Several 1/4-20 threaded, 1/4-20 pass through, and 3/8" threaded holes cover the body of the cage. It's finished with matte black anodizing for a long lasting durable finish.


With a $50 dollar off discount, this is THE MOST AFFORDABLE dedicated GH3 video cage on the market right now. Check out more information over at the product page at

find-price-button Honu GH3 Video Cage by Fhugen

Fhugen GH3 Cages Right Now - via eBay



There's been more than a few times I wished my Zoom H4n had more than just two XLR inputs. The new Zoom H6 portable digital audio recorder solves this problem and also brings a new modular Microphone design, or the ability to add another dual XLR/TRS input through the top of the recorder.

I'm really hoping this new H6 has better gain than the H4n as well. The H4n was a great recorder, but couldn't provide enough gain on some of my more expensive microphones. The new Zoom H6 was announced a few months ago, but is finally in stock today at (B&H) Click here.
Samson Zoom H6 Portable Audio Modular Mic Shotgun Stereo XY TRS XLR
find-price-button Samson Zoom H6 Modular Mic Input Portable Digital Audio Recorder



New product announcement. Dedicated to manufacturing products for the budget filmmaker, Kamerar has made available a new consumer budget friendly QV-1 LCD View Finder that attaches to a baseplate through a unique Magnetic system.

After discovering dslr video consumers lacked options for a sub $80 dollar high quality view finder with professional features, we decided to focus on the QV-1 LCD View Finder product. We feel consumers will also be excited with the new QB-15 Quick Base system that will make attaching 15mm rails for accessories a breeze. - team Kamerar

*This view finder is not designed to work with very tall camera bodies like the 1D series, nor will it work with battery grips attached.

The QV-1 magnification is 2.5x, uses a flip up method to work as a sunshade or to access touch screen lcds, and has rotating diopter. The QV-1 slides directly into a magnetic slot behind the adapter plate, allowing easy mounting and dismounting from the camera body. Ships with a lanyard neck strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, adapter plate, and QV-1 view finder.


One interesting note that some may find useful is that the baseplate is similar enough in design that it can mount directly to a Manfrotto 701HDV Fluid Head, or to compatible quick release baseplate systems that support the Manfrotto 501PL.

Regardless, the QV-1 baseplate still offers an optically centered 1/4"-20 tripod hole for you to attach any Quick Release of your choice (including another Manfrotto if you so choose).

The more expensive QV-1 Kit includes a new QB-15 Quick Base Adapter that clamps 15mm Rails to the QV-1 baseplate (8" rails are included). This kit provides users with a very simple and cost effective way to add a set of rails to any camera.


For more information on these products check out the product page at

QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit
QV-1 LCD View Finder + QV-1 Kit with QB-15 Quick Base



Update, these ATP - Anti Twist Plates are now available over at the website. Newsletter subscribers should have have received a 20% discount coupon code today. If you're not sure what this is, here's an Original Article Post (found here) and a video explaining the product below.

Or check out more information by visiting the ATP - Anti Twist Plate Product Page (here).

(Above) Example shown with 5D Mark II, Panasonic GH2, Nikon D600



A few months back, you might have noticed Varavon had released an 815FH Video Fluid Head. I just received this unit for review, so I here's a quick run through some of the features. The unit is all metal and carries a good amount of weight to it. It feels pretty solid. This is a standard flat base to attach on common video tripods that offers a 3/8" mount.

The movement of the head is fluid, but just like other brands of fluid heads under $130 bucks, this DOES NOT offer variable Pan/Tilt drag adjustment. One small convenient feature is that it offers a type of counter-balance which can help to prevent your camera from falling forward, and also help control your tilt movements by adding counter resistance. The 815FH quick release plate is also proprietary to this head, something to keep in mind if you're thinking of moving your camera around to different rigs. More information on t the Varavon 815FH Video Fluid Heads can be found via eBay (here).

find-price-button Varavon Video Fluid Head 815FH Flat Base


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Just got notified on a few deals on select Tripods. Thought I would share just in case anyone is shopping at this time. Check out the links below.

Gitzo Tripods

Induro Tripods

Offer Expires in 4 DAYS! July 28,2013
Mafrotto Tripods

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If you've been following some of Sony's latest cameras, they've announced a new version of the Sony RX100 (Mark II). The new Sony RX100 Mark II camera offers just a bit more sensitivity in low lighting than the original, but the slew of new features make it worth upgrading for existing RX100 owners. Check out the YouTube video from imagingresource below.

For those who use the RX100 for video, the new frame rates (including 24fps) should be appealing. The multi hot shoe can now offer powerful external flash options, and with the ability to add an external EVF, the camera will be easier to use outdoors in bright lighting conditions. The built-in Wi-Fi feature will make it easier to instantly share your photos or videos to your social networks. There's a very long list of enhancements to this popular camera. I currently own (2) original Sony RX100 cameras, but i'm definitely looking to upgrade. So far most retailers remain out of stock, but several retailers (including USA retailers) have them available now via eBay (click here).

Sony RX100 Mark II RX100M2 Bundle Sale Stock
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II RX100M2 Digital Camera

[Update] B&H now has them in stock following the link.

rx100m2 mark II rx100
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II (RX100M2)



The Aputure LED Video lights come in three different models. The AL-528W is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K and throws a 75 degree beam angle.The AL-528S is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K but throws only at a 25 degree beam angle (spotlight type effect). The AL-528C throws at the 75 degree beam angle, but can adjust color between 3200K-5500K using two sets of different color LED bulbs. You can check out an earlier article I posted about these lights (found here).

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel.png 1

In today's sponsored product giveaway, Aputure is providing an Amaran AL-528w LED Video Light. For details on how to register for this FREE Product Giveaway , check out the listing (found here).

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 5Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 4Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel
Product Giveaway - Aputure Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light Panels