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I'm excited to be able to offer another Giveaway with the support of such great companies. This time it's a Kirk Neff edition DSLR Cage from Shape. Shape products are made in Canada, built by CNC machined pieces, and covered by a lifetime warranty. A very high quality piece, and thanks to Shape for offering such a great product to the followers of this blog.

[This giveaway is for USA residents only, but I'm continuing to find new ways to work directly with companies to offer exclusive promotions, discounts, and special deals to the readers of this blog.]

In just a few weeks I will be posting a few more very rewarding opportunities that everyone can engage with. Remember, that your participation is really what makes these promotions a success and allows me to offer more opportunities to you, so help join in and share this Shape DSLR Cage Giveaway (found here).

DSLR Cage Shape Canon 5D Mark III
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I'm packing up for a short trip this week and planning to shoot video with a couple of small GH3 cameras, so I thought I would just share this little tip. I'm a fan of video monopods with folding feet, but this week I want to pack light and the $300 dollar Manfrotto 561BHDV is just too big to fit in a standard carry on size case.

This Benro version I have uses a twist lock type Carbon Fiber Monopod which is very easy to disassemble into two pieces. The entire video monopod is super lightweight and is perfect for the small setup i'm going to be using. These types of monopods are highly recommended for anyone shooting with small video cameras. The Benro Video Monopods are sold through various retailers, but over on eBay you can find them for under $135 dollars (with fluid head).

Benro video monopod cheesycam$(KGrHqF,!nUFBp(Hdkm6BRwehRd73Q~~60_57
find-price-button Benro Video Monopod with Tripod-Folding Feet



I know there are a few people waiting on the Micro Four Thirds version of the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera to be released. They are starting to pop up around the Internet, but here's one officially in stock via eBay.

BlackMagic Cinema MFT Mount Micro Four Thirds
find-price-button BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera MFT Micro Four Thirds Mount - via eBay

The BMCC MFT Mount version is also available IN STOCK through the (found here)

BlackMagic Cinema MFT Mount Micro Four Thirds
find-price-button BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera MFT Micro Four Thirds Mount - via DVEStore



If you've had to travel with a combination of personal luggage + camera equipment before, then these transforming roller bags may be of interest. The Porter Cases are unique rolling cases that convert from a carry-on sized travel roller into a hand truck a.k.a dolly that you can stack up to 150 lbs of gear on. I can see how this could make life a little bit easier during travels.

From what I can tell there are two main Porter Case Rolling Case Hand Truck Dolly Carry On Porter Rolling Case models. One is the The Porter PCX Lite Roller which is a semi-hard carry-on sized hard case (just the sides). The other is a complete hard case (think Pelican) which are sold under several different models, due to the interior you choose. For example, there's a version for computers with an organizer lid, and another for Camera Equipment that has padded dividers and foam.

find-price-button Porter Rolling Hard Case - eBay

The Porter Case Rolling Case Hand Truck Dolly Carry On Porter Full Hard Cases are made from injection molding, have a built in combination lock which is handy when you're walking away from your bag at an event, and offer gasket seals around the lid to help prevent moisture and dust from creeping in. Maybe not the best looking cases, but i'm most interested in the functionality of the Hand Truck feature to cart around extra luggage after a trip to baggage claim. You will often find them cheaper via eBay (click here).

PCX Lite Porter Case Camera Hard Case Roller Carry OnPorter Carry On PCX Lite Hand Truck Dolly Camera Gear Bag
find-price-button Porter PCX Lite Semi-Hard Camera Carry-On Case + Hand Truck Cart Dolly

Porter Case Camera Hard CasePorter Case Travel Dolly Carry On
find-price-button Porter Carry-On Water/Dust Resistant Full Hard Case + Hand Truck Cart Dolly



Here's another product Giveaway and this time it's a Diva Ring Light sponsored by the If you're not familiar with the Diva Ring light, it's a round CFL Continuous light with dimming capabilities. There's a few example videos below showcasing the product in use.

Here's an example of the Diva Ring light from YouTube member Lorenzo Pickett during a Photo session.

Here's another great video example of this Diva Ring Light from Eliu Cornielle.

Here's another very interesting BTS video showing how the Diva Ring light was used by Badmash Factory Productions

It's a pretty cool little item that can add some interesting effects to both stills and video. If you're interested in registering for the Giveaway on this item, check it out following the link below.

Diva Ring LightDiva Light CFLRing Light Photography Catch Light
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A basic camera + fisheye lens and you're ready to shoot interesting motion control timelapse without expensive hardware. Ok, so you'll need this special Panolapse Software too. Here's a clever software tool that can add more value to your fisheye lenses.

How to explain this? Well, the basic principle of >this video software is very similar to how real estate photos 'unwrap' or 'de-warp' fisheye images and throw them into a software viewer for virtual tours. Ok, maybe I can't explain this very well, but just take a look at the video below and hopefully you'll get a better idea.

So pixel peepers may complain about how this type of 'Faux Motion Control' will cause the images to be soft, or contain some type of abberation, but I think it's pretty cool. Especially when you don't want to drag around a bunch of motion control hardware when you're on vacation. There's a free download to test this out, and a ton of useful information and features that make this software a worthwhile look. You can find more about this at

Panolapse Software 360



Stabilizer Feet Sirui Monopod Carbon FiberSirui Monopod Carbon Tripod

Add this one to the growing list of stabilizing monopods to offer tri-folding feet. The sturdy base on these types of monopods can equally offer an advantage to photographers as well as video shooters. One unique feature on this particular Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod shows an adjustable pan friction base at the ball socket, yet it doesn't appear to be a true fluid cartridge.

The Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod adjustable base can rotate a full 360°, but can only sway (tilt) 15° in any direction. Similar to other tripod-footed monopods, the feet fold flush for easy storage. You can find this Sirui Carbon Fiber monopod via eBay (Click here).

Sirui Monopod FeetMonopod Stabilizer Feet Sirui
find-price-button Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod with Swivel Base Tripod Folding Feet



As far as recent portable digital audio recorders go, there has been quite a buzz around the 929347 Tascam DR-60D Portable Recorder + Field Recorder. The Tascam proves to have good quality sound as a preamp, but when compared to something like a Zoom H4n, the Tascam does not offer a single built in microphone. Besides having to carry around a separate microphone, the form factor is a bit on the large side (so does that still qualify as a portable recorder?).

Samson's Zoom line of portable recorders have always included a set of microphones, but the new Zoom H6 Zoom H6 Portable Digital Audio Recorder takes it to the next level by offering a very modular Mic and Input system among other new advanced features. The Zoom H6 basic kit includes includes an XY Microphone, Module, Includes Mid-side Microphone Module, Four XLR/TRS Inputs, Record Up to 6 Simultaneous Channels, Record Up to 24-bit/96kHz Audio, Doubles as USB Audio Interface, Uses SDXC Memory Cards. Add-ons will be available such as a Shotgun Mic, XLR/TRS Inputs Module, and Hot Shoe Mount. The brand new Zoom H6 Zoom H6 Portable Digital Recorder is available for pre-order now via (B&H) Click here.

Samson Zoom H6 Portable Audio Modular Mic Shotgun Stereo XY TRS XLR
find-price-button Samson Zoom H6 Modular Mic Input Portable Digital Audio Recorder




sigma 18-35mm fast zoom Sigma's latest 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens is now available to order. Typically most zoom lenses can only maintain a max aperture of F/2.8, while this new (35mm Equivalent Focal Length of 28.8-56mm) lens can maintain a constant wide aperture of F/1.8 throughout it's zoom range, thus dubbing it The Fastest Zoom Lens in the World.

sigma 18-35

These are some very very impressive specs for a lens. The new Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 lens is offered in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and Sigma mounts. Keep in mind that many of these lenses can now be adapted to work with other cameras such as the Sony NEX (including aperture controls and auto focus). The Canon version of this lens is listed as native Canon EF (not EF-S), and although it's designed for APS-C sized sensors tokina 11-16mm (like Tokina's 11-16mm), this lens should mount directly to a BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera with EF mount. This could be a very popular lens for BMCC users.

Sigma Worlds Fastest Zoom lens

I'm personally very excited to get my hands on a singe lens with this type of focal range combined with a very fast constant aperture. The fastest zoom lens I currently have is canon 24-70mm Canon's 24-70mm F/2.8 which runs over $2K so the fact that this new Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 is available for under $800 dollars is an amazing price. This should appeal to many who shoot with APS-C cameras such as a Canon Rebel, 7D, 60D, T5i, or even Sony NEX cameras with a smart adapter. The new Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 is available for pre-order through the links below.

find-price-button Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens - via B&H

find-price-button Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens - via Samys
find-price-button Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens - via Adorama