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Here's a genius little way to add hard stops to a follow focus. While working on his AMC Contest Video (seen here), Chris Weiss decided to remove the white marking disc from a Gini Follow Focus (as seen here) and added a couple of cheap binder clips. As you can see, it's fully adjustable hard stops so you don't over/under pull. Great tip. [Thanks Chris]


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Just received a couple of these Triple Shoe Adapter Brackets. I guess you can also use it to mount three other hot shoe accessories like a microphone, portable recorder, etc. It's all metal, pretty heavy duty, and should come in handy for me to mount three flashes or three LED video lights to make a larger light source. Original article about these found here:

Triple Bracket


Here's a short review of the new P&C GearBox from HDSLRNOW, which is designed to help mount video accessories along with your Video DSLR. If you need to expand with 15mm rig bits, it can be expanded with the GB-R Rail Kit. For more quick tips on other DSLR products, follow HDSLRNOW via Twitter.

The GearBox was a recent product release, so just a reminder that the P&C GearBox Introductory Sale Price will end tomorrow. You can find out more about the P&C GearBox at

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The new Carry Speed MagFilter System Polarizers for high end compact cameras that lack threaded filter mounts are officially available today. If you're not quite sure what this is, you can see an old article posted (here). If you're unsure whether it will fit your camera, you can download and print a template to test with your camera from the product page.

Carry Speed MagFilter System Sony Canon

For those who prefer Amazon, the 36mm MagFilter Polarizer can be found (HERE), and the 42mm MagFilter Polarizer can be found (HERE).

Or purchase direct from the website from the MagFilter product page (Click Here)

find-price-button Carry Speed MagFilter System - Polarizer


Here Adoroma shows functions of the FlashPoint 8" HDMI LCD Monitor with Wireless Remote Shutter. Could be handy for still photographers, and for video the LCD can be used with the direct HDMI connection. The wireless video feature works through SD cables, and because it will disable the on-camera LCD (for DSLRs), I don't think it's a good solution for DSLR Video shooters.

It also doesn't have all the fancy focus peaking or exposure features of a real dedicated HD Video monitor. Still, if you have some other creative thoughts on to use this product Adorama normally lists the 8" HDMI LCD for $399 (seen here) and on Amazon it's being liquidated for $144 following the link (Click Here).

FlashPoint LCD
find-price-button FlashPoint 8" LCD Wireless Video Remote Shutter


Sony Action Cam Video Review
Sony Action Cam

The GoPro is awesome, and the HD Hero 2 improves further on it's video quality. GoPro has pretty much been dominating the wearable sports camera market for some time, but what do you think about Sony's new Action Cam announced today?


From the long list of features and specs of Sony's new Action Cam, there's not a doubt it could steal quite a bit of thunder from GoPro with features like Image Stabilization. Price is way more affordable and it will come with basic accessories like a basic tripod mount / quick release plate (I had to buy separately for my GoPro).

Sony Action Cam Sensor

Another cool feature on the Sony Action Cam will be their wireless remote apps for both Android and iOS, while GoPro is still lagging on getting their Wi-Fi remote software out to the public. Check out the video for more specs on the new Action Cam.

Pricing for the new Sony Action Cam and for different accessories are already available via B&H (here)
Sony Action Cam
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This was a small response video to a YouTube comment suggesting I may have purposely dodged bumping the camera around because the MagFilter could easily fall off. I know that several magnets were used during prototyping and only quality magnets were chosen for the final product.

Also to clear other questions up, the metal ring on the camera 'is not magnetic'. It's just a thin metal ring that adheres to the front of the camera. The magnets are 'inside' of the Polarizer filter. Another thing to note is that magnets are completely safe to use around LCD screens and your SDHC or Compact Flash media cards.

Also, the two available sizes from the MagFilter System cover a wide range of cameras. If you're unsure about which filter will fit your camera, you can Download and Print a Template to test on your camera (here).
Download MagFilter System Template