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Lee Daley shared his DIY HD Wireless monitor solution via Twitter [Thanks Lee]. My solution is based on the discontinued Asus WiCast (seen here) and powered by Tekkeon batteries. Those Tekkeon batteries work great, but aren't very small so my solution isn't the best option out there.

DIY Wireless HDMI Streaming KitDIY Wireless HD Streaming Kit SmallHDWireless HDMI streaming Kit

Lee is using a different more affordable consumer Wireless HDMI streaming kit. Powering the receiver through what looks like a cheap CCTV battery pack and the HDMI Transmitter is much smaller and can be powered through the USB port of the SmallHD DP6.

These consumer HD streaming kits work great. They don't offer incredible range, but it will keep you untethered to move around and share your video feed (to a director). The kit he uses is often rebranded and you can see how it looks exactly like the one he's using (above). You can be find this kit on eBay for just $160 bucks.

Wireless HDMI Streaming Kit
find-price-button Wireless HDMI Streaming Transmitter Receiver


160 LED video light

This new KY-010 160 LED Video Light is powered via 6 AA batteries or a Single Sony battery. The light comes with barn doors and a couple of colored plastic filters, but the interesting feature is the included wireless remote control that lets you adjust brightness from a distance. Could be handy to adjust a boomed hair light / rim light. I'm curious if you can adjust channels within the remote to support several individual lights. Check out the new KY-010 KE Ying 160 LED video light on eBay (Click Here).

Ke Ying Keying 160 LED Video light160 Ke Ying LED Video Light Wireless Remote
find-price-button KY-010 Wireless Remote 160 LED On Camera Video Light Panel


Not long ago, another article (here) showed the use of these lights wrapped around the outside of a simple can and used an umbrella to reflect the light. Here YouTube member Taylordfilms shares another experiment using these cheap flexible LED light strips wrapped on the inside of a reflector. [Thanks Steve].

eBay (click here).

White Flexible 600 LED light can
find-price-button Flexible LED light Strip


Here's a cheap spring loaded flat folding clamp if you have a need to tripod mount your iPad or other Tablet. It can fit variety of large tablets or smaller items down to an iPhone. We often have to mount our iPads to a light stand to display scripts during voice over work or as a make-shift cue card for the talent to reference.

iPad Tripod MountTripod Mount iPadiPad Tablet Tripod MountiPhone Clamp
find-price-button iPad Tablet Universal Tripod Mount Clamp

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YouTube member NitsanPictures shares a few simple ideas on how to combine the P&C pistol grip with a P&C friction arm from to stabilize your small camera. The combination of the two could be used as a basic target shooter or a long handle. A great tip if you plan on traveling light with only a small camera like the new Sony RX100. [Thanks Nitsan].


Shared by @RikCordero via Twitter, peep out the new Pivothead HD Recording Eyewear that allows you to capture POV video without having a mass hanging from the side of your head. Quality looks pretty good for wearable glasses, and settings can be changed via iOS (iPhone). According to an Amazon listing (seen here), the price will run you about $339 dollars for a pair of the Durango Smokes.

PivotHead Video via

There's a variety of different wearable styles, and here's a list of some features.

Brilliant 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording
8MP image Sensor
Four Focus Options: Auto, Fixed, Continuous, Macro
8GB on-board Memory
Still Image Capture During Video
Burst Still Image Capture
Exposure & ISO Settings
Time Lapse Settings
Ultra Light Weight Impact - Resistant Frames
Black & White Video/ Photo Settings
Polarized, Revo, and Photochromic lenses
Simple to use - Easy to Share
Numerous Control Setting Options
Control Setting Software for MAC, PC, IOS with optional Air Pivothead
View and Transfer files wirelessly on all mobile devices with Air Pivothead WIFI Drive accessory
4 Models, 16 styles

Check out other information over at the PivotHead HD Video website (Click here)
Pivothead HD Recording Eyewear
Pivothead HD Recording Eyewear


I've had a few inquiries about possible new LCD View Finders a.k.a Loupes for the new Canon 5D Mark III. I'm still not able to release much information, or full images, but here's some teaser images of one. I received this prototype LCD Viewfinder recently which aligns perfectly to pretty much most of my cameras as well as the new 5DM3.

One thing to mention is that the LCD Screen on the back of the 5D Mark III is just a bit wider than this new ViewFinder (soon to be released) but there's barely a crop. The special bracket designed on this new LCD Viewfinder moves forward / back / left / right / up / down, which allows it to align to a variety of different camera bodies such as the new T4i, 7D, 60D, 5D Mark II & Mark III, Nikon, and more.

photo 2

To show the flexibility, here i'm have it mounted with the new Sony RX100 camera (not directly). First I have the Sony RX100 mounted to a P&C Custom 717 Quick Release adapter so I can pull the camera off the entire rig quickly. The 717 Custom Plate also gives additional 1/4-20 threaded mounts (seen on right side) if I wanted to add a friction arm with LED light, Audio Recorder, Microphone, etc.

This new prototype viewfinder is mounted underneath the Custom 717 plate. Finally I have the P&C Pistol Grip mounted under the entire setup for easy handling and there's still a 1/4-20 threaded insert under the handle for an additional Friction arm. With the LCD ViewFinder attached, this gives me an additional point of contact for stabilization, and allows me to shoot in broad daylight.

717 Custom Quick Release Pistol Grip RX100
Could this be the Meanest RX100 Rig so far, or the Silliest? Yeah i'll go with the Silliest...

Some notes about this new Viewfinder not seen in the images. It folds up, so if you don't need the ViewFinder you can open it up into a sun shade. It's also designed with a quick release baseplate system. The entire ViewFinder can detach from this little rig by unlocking the knob on the left side (under the 717 QR knob). It has a Glass optical element, and built in Diopter. There's a few more snazzy features but I think I said too much... More to come later about the new ViewFinder so Follow me on Twitter.


I thought $1 dollar/GB was affordable just a few months ago, but now prices on these Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC cards are down even further. These are a main staple of media we use in all of cameras and have been highly reliable. I consistently throw them into any point and shoot camera, camcorder, and even shoot video through the 5D Mark III with these. If you're in the need for new SDHC media, check it out. Currently a Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 card will only run you $20 dollar via B&H (Click Here)

find-price-button Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC Cards