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Canon 7D Firmware Update Manual Audio

There's no secret that Canon will be (finally) releasing a firmware update for the EOS 7D. This is not your average firmware update that simply addresses bugs, but one that changes many features of the cameras abilities. Some Key Features are upping the Maximum continuous burst rate shooting up to 25 images (from 15), Support for Optional GPS receiver, Max Auto ISO setting, In-Camera RAW processing, In-Camera Resizing / Editing, File Naming, File Ratings, and the best feature for DSLR Video - Manual Audio Levels. There's more detailed specs, and a promo video following the link (Click Here).

Besides missing a swivel LCD, this really brings the 7D back up to speed as a highly relevant DSLR video camera among today's lineup. Since moving to the Canon 5D Mark III, our studio just sold a few Canon 7Ds on eBay (for a steal). You probably already know how much abuse one of these 7D camera bodies can take, so it could be a great deal if you can find a used one for a cheaper price than a Rebel series camera. Check out some of the used Canon 7D Bodies available on eBay (Click Here).

find-price-button Used - Canon 7D EOS Digital Cameras - via eBay

Of course, the Canon 7D is not a discontinued camera and can still be purchased new. There's some instant rebates available for these cameras at B&H going on right now (Click Here).

find-price-button Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera Rebates


The camera in the iPhone is fast and easy, but it's still limited to what it can do. If you want to step up the quality of images you're sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network with your fancy DSLR, then you would need to download the images to a laptop computer and hopefully have Internet Access. A simple approach could be to send it wirelessly from your DSLR right to your iPhone (which should already have Internet access).

YouTube member 1sicknickel shows how the Eye-Fi Wireless SDHC card works with the Canon 5D Mark III [Thanks Peter]. From your iOS device you'll connect directly to the Eye-Fi like a hotspot and see images taken with your camera. This is not exclusive to the Canon DSLRs, as it will work with many cameras (including many point and shoots). Check out the Eye-Fi SDHC cards via Amazon (Click Here).

find-price-button Eye-Fi Pro X2 SDHC


I guess the WF717 Fluid Head Standard 3/8" Mount was out of stock for a few months. The 3/8" standard mount (not bowl mount) is what is used for tripods with the extendable center column (neck). It might not be the most fluid head available, but the low price and the fact that it's made mostly of metal makes it very popular for use on top of Sliders and Table Dollies. It can also carry a decent amount of weight and is used to support small small Jibs / Cranes, or under Sliders.

The WF717 standard 3/8" mount is Available via Amazon (Click Here)

wf717 fluid head
find-price-button WF717 Fluid Head Standard (not Bowl) 3/8" Base Mount

And also available via eBay (Click Here).

wf717 fluid head standard not bowl
find-price-button WF717 Fluid Head Standard (not Bowl) 3/8" Base Mount


Light Craft Workshop, well known for their Variable ND Fader Filters has released a new Portable Mini Jib called the Trapezist. They list a special price for early bird adopters, but even when it goes to full retail price, it's reasonable for such a product (compared to other mini-jibs). You can find more information following the link to their product page


Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Ultrawide

Rokinon's 8mm UltraWide Fisheye lens is on Lightning Deals today for about 36% off. The Rokinon 8mm is available in mounts for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony Alpha, and yes Sony NEX. It has nearly a full 5 star rating and there's tons of customer image samples uploaded from this lens. You can check all that out at the deals page via Amazon (Click Here)

[Update] Deal is over for today, but you can still find the Rokinon 8mm Ultra Wide and the other 8mm Cine Lens that sports a Geared Focus ring and De-Clicked Aperture via B&H (Click Here)

Rokinon-8mm-35Rokinon 8mm Cine Lens
find-price-button Rokinon 8mm F/3.5 Ultra Wide Fisheye for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony Alpha, and Sony NEX


CN-600 SD LED lights CheesycamCheesycam new 600 LED Video Light Panel V-Lock

Thanks to Rod for sending this in. It looks like there's a new design change around the 600 LED lights, but so far I haven't seen the same for the 900 or 1200 panels. Still runs on AC or optional V-Mount battery, they state it's a new model and sports a slightly more rounded chassis at the edges. It looks like they have a small carry handle built in to the rear / top, and another noticeable change is the addition of a Wireless Remote that can control up to 4 different LED lights (or groups?) when set to A, B, C, or D. I could sure use something like that for the ones I have hanging from the Studio ceiling.

The older style 600 LED Video Light Panels over at Amazon (seen here) still list for about $350 bucks. I'm guessing this price won't last very long after this post as these new ones on eBay right now start at $250 + Free Shipping (Click Here)

Wireless Remote LED Dimmer 600 900 Video Light Panel CheesycamCN-600 600 LED Video LIght Panel New Wireless Remote
find-price-button New 600 LED Video Light Panel Sony V-Mount


YouTube member SteveSmithDOP gives us a tour around the new Flycam C5 Carbon Fiber stabilizer [Thanks Steve]. I've only seen a handful of videos from this stabilizer, and they've really seemed to have stepped up their build quality compared to the original Flycam stuff. They've even blacked out all the washers (weights) on the lower sled.

The Flycam C5 is said to support up to a 6 pound camera and comes in cheaper than a Glidecam HD1000 (rated at 3 lbs.). If you're looking to fly more than just a basic camera body and lens, this looks like a solid stabilizer for the money, and can be found via eBay (Click Here).

Flycam Carbon C5 Stabilizer Review Samples Video
find-price-button Flycam Carbon Fiber C5 Video Camera Stabilizer


Fotga DP500 MatteBox DSLR Video

Chris writes in shares Fotga's latest MatteBox. Just over $220 dollars, it offers the usual dual rotating filter trays, three flags, and mounts to standard 15mm rods. Instead of the massive bracket on one side, the Fotga uses a very low profile swing away that sits just above the rod clamp for faster lens changes.

Fotga DP500 Matte Box Review

In the specs it claims to have +/- 10mm of height adjustments, but I don't see how that could be done. There's some additional photos at the eBay product page (Click Here).

Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 8.00.56 AM
find-price-button Fotga DP500 DSLR Video Camera Matte Box


Ok, so I have the new Canon EOS T4i, and what always bugs me about these LP-E8 chargers is the long cord that's messy to pack up. A while back Kay shared this tip with the Canon T2i chargers, and it still applies to the Canon T3i and Canon T4i. If you had just a few of these chargers, you can see how messy those long cords would be on a single power strip. This little tip keeps things easy and neat, and easy to pack up. These plug adapters for Apple chargers can be found for about $3 bucks + Free Prime Shipping (Click Here).

find-price-button Apple AC Wall Adapter