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If you're looking for more range in your lenses, there's a minor instant rebate discount available for Sigma's 70-200mm F/2.8 lens with OS (optical stabilization). I'm not going to dive into hyperfocal distance lingo, but there's a certain look that you get when zoomed out to 200mm and opened up to F/2.8, over a 24mm lens at f/2.8.

Image stabilization is fairly important on these long lenses and if you wanted to check out Canon's 70-200mm version, that will run you about $2300 dollars. Sigma's 70-200mm F/2.8 with OS is a nice alternative lens option and will only run you $1299 right now

find-price-button Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 via Amazon

find-price-button Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 via BHPhotoVideo


For those who wanted a better look at the Flycam Armbrace, here's a quick little show and tell. The Flycam Armbrace
is used to help carry some of the weight of a stabilizer off the wrist. Glidecam also sells a Forearm Brace (seen here), but it's bit more expensive and looks like it will only fit on the Glidecam due to the larger OD on the post.

One common question is 'Does the Flycam Armbrace work with the Glidecam?'. The answer is 'YES' the Flycam Armbrace does work with BOTH the Flycam and Glidecam HD1000, HD2000, and HD4000 stabilizers. It uses a smaller OD on top and steps to a larger OD for the bottom of the post (as seen in the video). Coincidence? You be the judge. Using an arm brace will help relieve some weight from the wrist, but keep in mind that it will not solve the weight carried from the Bicep and the stabilizer will still be just as heavy. The Flycam Forearm Arm brace can be found via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Flycam Forearm Arm Brace for Flycam and Glidecam HD Stabilizer



Unclear on this right now, but check out these folding Pocket Rigs that are showing up online. The unit folds up to about the size of a standard battery grip, and folds out to provide chest plate, and two 15mm rails for getting a follow focus mounted. They are showing up as GeniusXeme rigs and i'm wondering if these are just rebranded Edelkrone pocket rigs. These were a big hit just a few weeks ago at NAB2012 along with two new Follow Focus systems.

[Update] Edelkrone writes in and states that the rig below is a counterfeit and has not been authorized to manufacture or sell such rig. Obviously they will be contacting that company to have the product removed. You can find the original Pocket Rig from Edelkrone at

find-price-button Small 15mm Rig Folding Stabilizer via eBay


Here's a great deal on the Sandisk 64GB SDXC media going on today. This makes it even cheaper than what Transcend has to offer. Definitely a good buy for those who need the 64GB space or SDXC file format. (click here to compare some prices on SDXC via B&H).

Remember that all the new cameras are starting to move towards the SDXC format including the new 5D Mark III, and it's way cheaper than getting compact flash media (as seen here). SDXC is backwards compatible so it will work on your cameras and portable recorders that are using 'SDHC' today.

The same 64GB in Compact Flash will run you a minimum of $140 dollars +, and with SDXC it will run you just under $49 bucks (today), which is almost three times cheaper. I've been successfully using SDHC and SDXC media in my 5D Mark III for several hours of video, so I highly recommend investing in SDHC or SDXC if your cameras can take it.

On sale today, Find it here (click here)

find-price-button Sandisk 64GB SDXC Media


iLogos LCD DSLR Monitor

Branded as iLogos, it's another LCD Monitor showing up online which includes a few popular features such as Peaking, False Color, etc. 7" Screen, 1024x600 resolution (pretty good), with HDMI, Component & Composite inputs. False Color - Adjustable Under Luminance & Over, Luminance Warning, Clip Guide - Adjustable Threshold, Peaking – Red outline, Under Scan, Movable Pixel to Pixel Color, Side-By-Side Freeze Frame, Image Mirror/Flip, DSLR Scaling, 1/4"-20 mounts on all sides. Sounds good on paper so far, has anyone had experience with such LCD?

Available on eBay from same seller who offers the small 5" LCD (click here)

iLogos LCD HDMI MonitoriLogos Monitor LCD
find-price-button 7" LCD HDMI Monitor with Peaking Focus Assist False Color


One camera that's putting out good reviews on the Micro Four Thirds side is the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 (see it here on Amazon). A nice upgrade for PEN shooters. The in camera stabilization is a big plus for people who want to use older or aftermarket lenses. If you're looking to get one sooner than later, there's one OM-D (Black) with 14-42mm available for normal retail price via eBay, but ends in 50 minutes. Find it here.

Olympus OM-D
find-price-button Olympus OM-D E-M5 Black with 14-42mm Lens

[Update] If you missed it, you might be able to find a few here: Olympus OM-D E-M5 16MP Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera with 3.0-Inch Tilting OLED Touchscreen and 14-42mm Lens (Black)


Most of the editors I know work off the MacBook pro laptops, so I thought some people might find this information useful. Apple has patented and has been very protective about their MagSafe connector and has even sued a company for using it with an external battery back. Even though the company was purchasing the cables directly from Apple and then modifying it. Instead the company now offers a 'magic box' that splices into your existing MagSafe cable to work with their HyperJuice batteries (found here).

We recently took a trip out to NAB2012 and wanted to make sure we had enough mobile juice for our editor, and found that there was a cable available to work with our Tekkeon MP3450i battery packs that we have so many of. With all the Tekkeon batteries we have, this cable has been working perfectly and would provide us with many, many, many hours of run time for our MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and of course USB power to all of our iPhones, iPads, and other camera accessories. I'm not sure if Apple is going to try and step in again and shut the operation down, but Tekkeon uses a 'recycled' modified cable to connect with select Tekkeon batteries. Hope some of you find this tip useful if you're looking to get some additional run time on your MagSafe powered MacBook Laptops.

The MagSafe cable can be found on the Tekkeon website (click here), and the Tekkeon batteries we are using are available via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery for 600 / 900 LED Panels


Video on the iPhone is not perfect, but it's the most convenient camera most of us seem to always have available and readily on hand. Just for kicks, we even covered MACWorld this year entirely on just iPhones and it was a fun experience. Here's an interesting product for those who share the same enthusiasm - the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface. [Thanks Olphus] B&H has even dedicated an entire 7 minutes of video showcasing features of the Fostex which has two microphones, headphone monitoring, LED audio meters, Low Cut filters, and limiters through the software. Comes with it's own handle, a thumb wheel gain control and even cold shoe to mount other camera accessories like an LED video light. I personally know several mobile bloggers that would find this type of accessory quite useful. The video is worth a look even if you don't shoot video with the iPhone and maybe just use it as a portable audio recorder. Available via B&H following the link (click here).

find-price-button Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone 4