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The new P&C Swiss Rod adds simple mounting solutions for DSLR accessories onto your standard 15mm DSLR Video rigs. It is not designed to replace all of your 15mm rails, but with just one Swiss Rod clamped to your rig, you have 20 different mounting options to choose from. You can attach an accessory directly or for more flexibiltiy add a friction arm, quick release, or cold shoe adapter to the Swiss Rod. The Swiss Rods have both male and female threaded ends so they can be extended. Threads are standard and I have attached them directly to Gini rails and even the Letus DSLR cage.

International buyers will be able to purchase from our partner retailers on Amazon and eBay. For USA, the new P&C Swiss Rods are now available on the website (Click here).

find-price-button P&C Swiss Rod Accessory Rail for 15mm DSLR Video Rigs

[Update] Sorry International Buyers. Shipping + Tracking information is pretty expensive. In order to make it worth the shipping fee, a minimum of 4 pcs need to be ordered. Check it out here: Sorry, looks like shipping with tracking info is very expensive. In order to make it worthwhile a minimum of 4pcs need to be ordered. Found here: (4pcs) P&C Swiss Rods 15mm Accessory Rail - International Shipping




This is not a review of any sorts, but just my impression on the Canon G1X point and shoot. I wanted to see what Canon had come up with in this new G series camera, so I decided to take it around the Pier 39 area in San Francisco. I attempted to give the footage a vintage feel of Old San Francisco so I tried using a few Cinegrain film scans, boosted saturation, and added more contrast. I also cooled down the shadows and warmed up the highlights. I don't know if anyone really cares, but if you want to see the original footage, let me know.

I tested a variety of different scenes with the G1X and found plenty of aliasing and moire in video mode. The G1X probably serves better as a stills camera. The still images coming out of this camera are very sharp and has decent dynamic range in just JPEG. I haven't tried shooting RAW with the camera.

The G1X does not have full manual controls for video to adjust shutter speed or aperture, but you do have the option to lock the exposure before hitting the record button. Once you lock the exposure, you can adjust exposure compensation if you're trying to bring back some shadows or pull down some of the highlights in your scenery. The G1X also has a built in ND filter which helps slow down that fast shutter speed look on bright days. For HD you only get 1080@24fps or 720@30fps. Even though it lacked 60 frames, there's a flag clip in the video where I slowed it down 50% and it didn't look too bad.

The swivel LCD of course makes it so easy to frame a shot up high or down low. The boot up time is very quick, so I never felt like I was missing a shot when the camera was powered off completely. For a point and shoot camera, I was hoping it would have more zoom. Consider the extended digital zoom feature for video worthless. For wide angle in crowded San Francisco, there were plenty of times I felt like I wasn't getting a wide enough shot. Canon decided against making a mirrorless camera, or even joining the micro four thirds party. Instead they designed this G1X with a larger and better sensor than most other point and shoot cameras. It might do well in some areas, but the aliasing and moire is terrible for video. I really wanted to like this camera, and gave it my best shot, but the price and lack of features don't really add up here. For a cheaper price, I think you'd be better off with something like a Sony NEX5n.

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(Old video review above) Looks like Polaroid got a hold of the 312 LED Video lights. That's a good thing, because they seem to have negotiated prices much much lower. There is a more expensive v2.0 out which has an updated case and better plastic diffusion panel, but that will run you at least $60 dollars more. We're still using the old versions that haven't failed us yet, and the new low price makes it worth adding to any arsenal.

The 312 is one of our most favorite on-camera LED lights with it's big panel for better diffusion and color adjustable feature to help blend in with ambient lighting. It comes with two Sony NPF style batteries, Sony style battery charger, mini ball head, and it's own traveling case. The light can be powered off one battery, but can house two for longer run times. There's also a DC input if you want to power the batteries from a wall or external battery pack (like my Tekkeon).

LED light Test from WideOpenCamera

Here's a tip. Some of these Sony batteries that power the 312 run only at 7V. The DC input can accept 14V. We're finding we can get slightly more light output when using the DC input at 14V.

These lights normally average prices around $165 and if you find them cheaper make sure to check what parts they come with. Some sellers try to sell them cheaper but don't offer batteries, charger, ball head, case, etc. Now that Polaroid has them, the price has dropped. On eBay Polaroid is selling them for $140 dollars, but right now it's going for just $119 via Amazon (click here).

find-price-button Polaroid 312 LED Video Light Kit - Dimmable Color Temp Adjustable



Thanks to YouTube member dim3m for sending in this fine example of a modified Pico Flex Dolly. [Thanks dim3m] The rear trailer contains the servo, servo controller, batteries, etc. The laser alignment shows you the cross point reference for the center of rotation. Having motorized control gives you more consistent movement across the entire rotation. Aside from fancy rotating shots, the Pico Flex can mimic side to side slider shots, or push / pull dolly shots. Especially useful for B-Roll, cut away, or pick up shots with small product reviews. For more information on the Pico Flex Skater Table Dolly check out

PicoPico (15 of 19)
find-price-button Pico Flex - Table Skater Rotating Video Dolly



This dirt cheap fluid head for light weight cameras has been sold out for months after this video review and old article (here). It's actually still sold out on Amazon. Don't bother looking for this on eBay as they've marked these up past $60 dollars.

It's a great little fluid head for your small sliders, table skater dollies, or little DIY Jib / Crane projects. Thanks to @Chapmuzic over on Twitter for letting me know they are finally back in stock. Normally ran about $26 dollars but it seems with popularity they've added a $3 dollar mark up via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Velbon PH-368 Video Fluid Head

If it's sold out from B&H then check over at (click here)



CamonWheels DIY V Groove Dolly wheels

CamonWheels is offering up some new V-Groove roller wheels for under $8 bucks shipped. Images show the grooved wheels fitting on 15mm rods, 1/4" rod, and 1" PVC. The overall OD of the wheel (outside diameter) is at 1". If you were to build a track dolly of sorts, the V-Groove or U-groove type wheels will help keep them on track.

V-Groove WheelsV-Groove Wheels CamonWheels
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One of the latest microphones released from Rode has touched down in the studio today. This is the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, and i'm trying to find the time to test this bad boy out.

find-price-button Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

Product Overview
The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro builds on the success of the Rode VideoMic Pro & Stereo VideoMic with improved stereo reproduction, sound quality and ergonomic design. The Stereo VideoMic's capsule feature a matched pair of 1/2" cardioid condenser capsules, mounted in a coincident X/Y position for accurate stereo imagery and detail. The microphone's small, ergonomic footprint features an integrated shock mounting system for superior isolation from vibration and mechanical noise. The multi-strand output cable is terminated with a 1/8" (3.5mm) output connector and delivers significantly lower noise transference than traditional audio cable.

find-price-button Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

The included shoe mount features an integrated shockmount system for even further protection against handling noise. The Stereo VideoMic features a high pass filter switch at 75Hz for minimizing low frequency noise, and a -10dB Pad for maximizing headroom for capturing loud signals without distortion. The +20dB level boost switch is specifically designed to provide a higher quality signal with DSLR cameras. When activated, camera preamp level is reduced, resulting in a lower noise floor and much clearer recording.

Broadcast recording quality on-camera microphone
Matched pair 1/2" condenser capsules in XY stereo configuration
Ultra lightweight, compact form factor
Two step High Pass Filter (flat, 75Hz)
Three position level control (-10dB, 0, +20dB)
9V battery powered - over 100 hours use (alkaline)
Integrated shock mounting
Integrated foam windscreen
3.5mm stereo mini-jack output
Billeted metal camera shoe mount with 3/8" thread for easy boompole mounting

find-price-button Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro



Missed the 160 LED video light bundle? Apparently LinkDelight is slashing prices on a number of items including two different 15mm Rails with quick release camera mount and tripod base plate. [Thanks Viktor]

One of these sets looks like a part found from a Fotga rig. If you just need to get started with a simple set to support a basic follow focus or to mount other 15mm accessories, check out the two different sets following the link (click here)

15mm base set rails15mm rails base set link delight link delight
find-price-button Link Delight 15mm Base Rails Tripod Mount Quick Release

Also noted in the comments, they are practically throwing away their DSLR Follow Focus systems at 42% off. The LED light bundle sold out in minutes, so I don't expect these prices to last.

find-price-button DSLR Follow Focus 15mm Mount

Other people are finding deals on a variety of items today, so it might be worth checking out more Photo / Video products from this seller.

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