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The good folks over at EVSOnline gives you a peek at Cineroid's L2C-3K LED Video light. Instead of providing two different LEDs which normally cuts your output in half, they decided to provide options for swapping out ALL of the LEDs. Of course this means you can't dial in mixed temperatures. It definitely looks like a good light, but if you want the variable temp options, be ready to throw down over $500 bucks. Three different packages, available via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Cineroid L2C-3K DayLight / Tungsten On-Camera LED Video Light



A 4 wheel wagon is nice for moving gear, but when conquering a small set of stairs, a two wheel hand truck is better. These carts look pretty cool for hauling gear transforming from a basic Hand Truck, to V Dolly, to 4 Wheel Cart. The V-Cart version holds up to 500lbs, and the Solo Lite rated at 250 lbs. The Gruv Gear carts roll on flat free tires. I think i'm fond of the Orange/Black color scheme because it's similar to the SF Giants. Not priced for the average hobbyist, as the Solo Lite starts at $179 and the larger V-Cart at $249. Find them below.

find-price-button Gruv Gear Transforming Equipment Carts V-Cart Solo Lite



There's a million different little stabilizers on the market, but about a month ago (maybe a bit longer), the Steady Dragon brand upgraded the Gimbal to a universal joint. This type of gimbal provides the maximum amount of range compared to the little Ball-and-Socket type like found in the Hague MMC. The Steady Dragon seems to have all the right parts with front and rear counterweights, side to side weights, and adjustment of the camera forward and back.


With the optional camera plate, you can also add side to side from the top stage. A Tripod mount is also available so you can dock your camera. There's ways to create your own stabilizer with U-Joint from a Traxxas RC, but If you're not the DIY type, this little stabilizer looks like a good start for small cameras and under a hundred bucks. The Steady Dragon states it's rated to balance cameras just around 3 lbs and you can find some demo videos following the link (click here).

find-price-button Steady Dragon Video Camera Stabilizer Streadicam


The Skyler MiniCam has been a work in progress floating around the Internet for a very long time, but this is the first time i've seen it available on eBay. A clever little stabilizer which stands on it's own like a tripod, looks to have great build quality, and very simple fine tuning knobs. A 1/4-20 thread under the stabilizer allows you to mount it on a Monopod so that you can don't need to dismount your camera.

Skyler MiniCam stabilizerSkycam MiniCam Stabilizer

Unfortunately the asking price of over $620 dollars is a big umm..'heck no' for me. It's too bad they couldn't get the Skyler under the $200 dollar price tag, I think it could be a hit. I guess if you want to compare the price to an $800 dollar Steadicam Merlin, it's not looking so bad, but there's so many more stabilizer options now for under $300 dollars. If you're still curious, there's some additional demo videos of the Skyler MiniCam stabilizer in use over at the auction page (click here).

Skyler MiniCam StabilizerSkyler Mini Camera Stabilizer
find-price-button Skyler Mini DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer Steadicam


Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 11.45.19 PM

The Varavon Sliders come in a few variations from Slim, Mini, EX, and ENG models. The 'Slim' is the smallest and narrowest version of their slider weighing in at around 5lbs total. It's the common roller bearing carrier design, so it's very smooth, and friction can be adjusted with the bearings.

Old video above of NAB 2011 where we first saw the Varavon Slim video camera slider. Normally even the smallest and cheapest Varavon slider will still run you about $600 dollars retail (seen here), but yesterday there's been a few listings of the Slim Camera Slider on sale for just under $330.

Right now, that's a bit cheaper than even Konova's 31.5" (first gen) slider. The Varavon ultralight Slim version is the narrowest slider on the market at 42mm wide, coming in at 39.4" long, and says it can carry a max payload of 19kg (42lbs?). You'll find those Varavon Slim Camera Sliders on sale following the link (click here)

find-price-button Varavon Slim Camera Slider 39" Roller Bearing


If I had to figure out who made this green DSLR cage with polished clamps, I would never have guessed it's actually a Gini Rig. [Thanks Steve] Normally we see the Gini Rigs sporting a cliche' and traditional Black with Red accents, but now we're seeing a bit of color splash in a few products. What do you guys think? Go or No-Go? There's a few more new Cage and rig configurations over at the Gini store following the link (click here).

Gini Rig Color Splash Green CageScreen shot 2012-01-20 at 10.16.10 PM
find-price-button Gini Rigs Green DSLR Video Cage


The inexpensive Cowboy shoulder support gets a nice little discount and falls to about $17 bucks. [Thanks Serge]. This shoulder support is often considered a chest clamp and can be a true hands-free shoulder rig without the need of counterweights. It's possible to expand on this system by using rails sets like the updated Rig X - B version from


I also have an old video showing some rails on this shoulder support (here). The Cowboy Shoulder Support is on sale right now via Amazon (click here).

find-price-button Cowboy Video Camera Shoulder Support


When Rode released it's VideoMic Pro, the little shotgun mic was sold out for weeks. I'm anticipating the same would hold true for at least the innovative VideoMic HD with built in digital audio recorder.


Through the comments, it looks like the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro has now been listed for pre-order and comes in just shy of $300 dollars (found here).


There's also a product listing for the VideoMic HD with built in Digital Recorder, but no price has been listed yet. You could of course check in and get notified when it becomes available following the link (click here)