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A nice look at the GoPro Cineform studio from Vimeo member Lucas Pfaff, and how it doesn't have to be used just for GoPro cameras. There's plenty of encoding options in the Cineform Studio to encode different video file types including DSLRs, and does an excellent job maintaining quality through the process. I know many who use MPEG Streamclip or Compressor before going into FCP, and this is another nice alternative. I'll have to try this out with my MTS files, see if it can convert those Sony HX9V files. [Thanks Serge].

You can download the GoPro Cineform Studio software for free following the link (click here).


Looking to license music tracks for your next project? Then check out Vimeo's new Music Store. For those of you who produce music, there could be a possibility your music tracks could get added to the Music store if you're registered with FreeMusicArchive or AudioSocket. More information following the link below. Check out

Vimeo Music Store
visit-button Vimeo Music Store


Electronic Eyepiece Level

Some camera have a built in electronic leveling feature like the Canon 7D. This is helpful trying to get your camera's horizon straight, especially when it's too dark to view the little bubble on your tripod. Also helpful to know when your Steadicam is flying straight. Here's a clever little 3 axis electronic leveling device that replaces your cameras viewfinder, or you can remove it to place on to the hot shoe. The little green lights let you know if you're off axis. It is quite pricey for something you can probably find an analog hot shoe level for $1.00, but if having a level on board your camera without adding bulk (or ugliness), here's an option. Appears to be available for Sony, Nikon, Canon, and more. Found below (click here).

Electronic Eyepiece Level Viewfinder
find-price-button Electronic Level DSLR ViewFinder Eyepiece


A video I shot several weeks ago, but decided not to post (the product wasn't announced yet). Now that it's been shown at PDN New York, here's a look at this unit with a Canon 5D Mark II + Battery Grip + Rode VideoMic Pro (showing access to audio ports). Keep in mind that this was possibly the very very first prototype released from the factory.

Shown in this video is a very very early mockup, and not completely relevant to the product being sold today. Software and build quality have been changed since. I still have not seen the final version, but supposedly it had great response at the PDN Show this past week. I hope to see a final version of the product once it's available online at, which is said to be in two weeks. To stay updated with new products like these, make sure you're Following me on Twitter (click here).


Opteka DSLR Shoulder Rig Stabilizer

Opteka is now offering a shoulder rig stabilizer. Very basic with a pair of straight rods, shoulder pad, mounting plate, cross bar, and two handles. A decent set up to minimize rotation. Claims to be made of heavy duty aluminum construction and standard 15mm compatible (for most accessories). You can find it available following the link (click here).

Opteka Straight RigOpteka Straight Rig
find-price-button Opteka Shoulder Rig Camera Stabilizer 15mm

Also available via Amazon below (click here)
Opteka Straight Rig
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Crocolis HD Sports Camera

Check out the first image (above left). That image definitely depicts this as a true "Extreme Sports" camera in my book. LOL. In the last month, there's more people talking about a fairly new Crocolis HD Sports Camera. In full 1080p mode, it has quite an almost normal 140 degree FOV (field of view) which is quite nice if you want something a bit different than the super wide fisheye look. I'm not sure what's going on in the beginning of this video (below), but jump on in at about 0:37 seconds, and you'll see some very clear and sharp underwater footage from this camera (no flat lens adapter required).

The HD Sports action camera has a 1.5" TFT LCD screen, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, built in microphone, claims a whopping 16 megapixel (still photo), video resolutions and frame rates in 1080p @30fps/25fps, 720p@60fps/30fps/25fps, and QVGA@30fps/120fps, a 4x Zoom. Behind a rear door you'll find a mini HDMI port out, 3.5mm Microphone input, USB 2.0. The camera is waterproof in it's own housing. In the same bundle package are necessary cables, and adapters for a variety of sports mounting solutions.

Crocolis HD Sports Camera

Example on RC Helicopter - best viewed in HD

Crocolis HD Camera

Now Crocolis is doing an excellent job with marketing and brand recognition, but there's other names this camera falls under. If you can locate this under it's most basic name, you'll find it at a much cheaper price. You can find some of these HD video cameras on auction following the link (click here)

Crocolis HD Video Camera
find-price-button 1080p 720p Sports Underwater Action Video Camera


Another new item added to Gini's product line. There isn't very much information on these new universal Follow Focus lens gears from Gini, but from past prototype photos, these could be those metal ones now with an anodized plating. Metal lens gears? Don't see that too often. So far the auction doesn't clearly state what the maximum or minimum diameter lenses these will support, but my guess is a circumference of at least 10". Check them out at the store (click here).

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 5.04.24 AM
find-price-button Gini Universal Follow Focus Lens Gears


Delkin Wingman HD Video Camera

Delkin steps in to offer a 1080p HD video sports camera called the WingmanHD. Naming convention and marketing images familiar? The little cam has a built in HDMI, 1.5" LCD, 3x Zoom, composite A/V and USB ports. Comes with waterproof housing and available with a variety of mounting options. No sample videos online that I could find just yet, but I doubt it's anywhere near the level of GoProHD.

Delkin WingManHD

With the latest wireless offerings offered in the GoPro HD Hero 2, I think Delkin could be stepping in a little too late in this market, and they'll need to seriously consider changing their pricing options if they want to stay afloat. Some additional information at the Delkin website, and the units already available at B&H (click here)

delkin hd sports cameraDelkin Wingman HD
find-price-button Delkin WingmanHD Sports 1080p Video Camera