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Hopefully people are pretty familiar with the Pico Flex Table Dolly and I don't need to give these little tools an introduction. There were two pre-orders open a few weeks ago which were wiped out very quickly once the item was featured on PetaPixel, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, and practically every other top gadget blog out there (thanks for noticing guys!). It's taken a while to get a few of these back in inventory, since Photography and Cinema is a small outfit.

Without hesitation, here's another opportunity. Small inventories move pretty quickly so consider it while it's available (International not available - just yet, sorry guys). Updates for International will be found at Or follow me on Twitter when I make that announcement!/cheesycam.

[Update] No longer available via Amazon. You can find more information of where these units will be available at or at this time the package is available via eBay (click here).

Pico Dolly eBay
find-price-button Pico Flex Dolly


For the average person Tape is Tape. Then there are the professionals that use several rolls of tape daily in big production environments and have certain requirements. They can tell the cheap stuff from the good stuff. Great tape should tear easy, hold strong, be heat resistant, and come off clean - no residue. In the last week, Vimeo member IndustryTape has been uploading a collection of videos showing off some new tape.


From the profile:

Industry Tape is a revolutionary new tape that, unlike most tapes, is not based on a sticky rubber adhesive. It's as strong as duct tape, but leaves ZERO residue, even at extreme temperatures. It's made to easily rip, and tear at a perfect 90 degree angle every time. It's re-portionable, can easily unstick from adhesive-to-adhesive contact, weather resistant, puncture resistant and has no foreseeable shelf life. Visit for more information.

The demo uses in the video look pretty good, and pricing is pretty standard to even Generic Gaffer Tape stuff. What's your choice of Tape?


Apple's iPad currently dominating the tablet market, mainly because there is access to millions of apps, games, music, and movies. Well Amazon is now taking orders for it's latest Kindle Fire Color tablet, and this is going to be interesting. Amazon is like the iTunes for Apple, with it's Android Marketplace also offering up thousands of apps, games, books, music and more. The new color tablet has tons of great new features all listed on the product page including access to Amazon's 10,000 Movies and Television shows, Full Library of Color Magazines, Kindle Books, 17 Million songs, and whoa what's this? Cloud Storage? Oh and it's rockin' a dual core processor too - starting at just $199. Yes this will sell out quick. Check out the rest of the video tour (click here)

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi


If you're not up to speed, I seem to collect random camera related things, especially Lens Replica Mugs. They are fairly cheap and trust me, they make 'EXCELLENT last minute gifts' if you have them laying around. It's just something nobody wants to throw away. For those who share the same hobby, here's a look at the latest Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS version. I have the original 70-200mm F/4 IS mug which wasn't exactly like the real lens, but this version looks pretty close and it's offered with stainless steel insert for hot beverages. The one that looks 98% exact would be that Canon 24-105mm.

One tough item to find lately is the Canon 300mm/400mm F/2.8 Lens Replica High Power LED Keyring Flashlight. Originally offered by Canon a few months ago and now sold out everywhere. The only person in the country who's carrying it now is this one eBay seller (click here)

find-price-button Canon Lens Replica KeyChain LED FlashLight

For Canon Replica Lens Coffee Mugs, the good ones are the 24-70mm F/2.8, Canon 100mm F/2.8 IS USM Macro, 24-105mm F/4 IS, 70-200m F/4, and 70-200mm F/2.8 IS. Check out all the other articles about other lenses in the collection here:


Click for Larger View

Just hours after posting the article about DIY LED lighting with Flexible LED strips, Ibrahim was already at work designing a CD Jewel Case Panel. The LED strips fit nicely in the CD case offering a simple solution to a housing, and an easy way to hold colored filters. [Thanks Ibrahim] If you're just landing directly to this article, remember to check out the original DIY post link on these uber cheap flexible LED lighting strips (click here).


What can I say? It's simple, it works. As you can see it works on the GH2 perfectly without losing view of the entire LCD. Of course it works on the T3i and 60D. The velcro design and stretchy neoprene means it's adjustable to fit a variety of different cameras or even a variety of different view finders. I'm not sure about applying pressure onto the LCD while it's swiveled outwards, but for anyone that has worked outdoors in bright daylight, it's a good way to keep the function of the swivel LCD while acting as a sunshade / VF. $10 dollar tool that folds flat taking up no extra space in the bag. Heck why not. Found via Amazon (Click here)

swi-view-lcdswi-view viewfinderScreen shot 2011-09-25 at 10.13.07 AM
find-price-button CarrySpeed Swi-View LCD ViewFinder Neoprene Adapter


YouTube member DTapeProductions writes in and shares their DIY LED Light panel using LED light strips. Of course you can't exact daylight temperature, and who knows if it can be properly color corrected with filters. Outside of that, it's actually quite ingenious if you think of the price + possibilities. As mentioned in the video, these uber cheap super bright LED lights can be used for accents, instead of the use of colored gels. It would be interesting to see them finish that 1200 LED panel. [Thanks Ross]

Flexible with adhesive backing, these strips are also found in waterproof versions. They are available in a variety of colors from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Warm White. Often found as the colorful under lighting of cars since they run at 12V. It will run you about $3-4 dollars / 1M (3ft = 60 LED count) found below.

find-price-button Flexible LED lighting Strips 12V

If you're looking to make those 12V LED lights dimmable, this 12V PWM designed for LED lighting should work.

find-price-button PWM Dimming Controller For LED Lights or Ribbon, 12 Volt 8 Amp, 3301

[Update] Chris drops a comment and mentions that if you're not the strong silent soldering type of guy, then there are a variety of connectors available for Flexible LED strips. Check out some of the options available below that will allow you to bend the strips, or join them directly for longer runs. All found on eBay below (click here).

find-price-button Flexible LED Strip Connectors


I was testing this about a week ago, but finally published it to the public. Taking all the same little electronics from the JuicedLink DIY slider project (continuous servo, servo driver, and battery case) the little Pico Flex dolly is moving on it's own. The speed is variable and with the size of the pulley. It can go really slow, but what you see is the fastest setting it will go. A piece of scrap acrylic plastic and double sided tape was all that was used to mount it temporarily while I try to figure out the cheapest and best way to drive this thing.

A rubber band pulley system didn't do so well. The band would stretch and when there was enough tension built up, it would snap back causing a jerking motion. The direct drive was the simplest way to turn the Pico wheels and was much more consistent. Using this technique could apply to all existing Pico Flex Dollies without replacing any existing parts. The servo is extremely strong and since the Pico moves with little effort, it can move quite a bit of weight.

Another Clever Pico Flex Dolly Modification - Motorized + Lasers

YouTube Member dim3m has motorized the Pico Flex, and has also added lasers for an easy way to identify the rotating axis. This is a common practice used in those high end three wheel skater type dollies. By aligning the axles with the lasers, the cross path will be the center of rotation. This is where you need to focus your camera. Right now the lasers are just temporarily being held on with Friction arms as a proof of concept. [Thanks dim3m] You can find pen lasers fairly cheap these days in just about any store, but if you're lazy they can be found online for about $1.49 (click here)

Mini Laser
find-price-button Mini Pen Laser KeyChains


First unboxing review from YouTube member DioxCorp on the latest Aputure 160 LED video light . These new LED lights are available in 126, 160, and 198 sizes. In this video the 160 looks pretty big, so imagine the size of the 198 version. Sorry I can't translate this video, but i'll save you some time. Skip on down to about 6:50, that's where the test begins. At first it's set to minimum light output, but shortly after the light is set on full power. At full power it seems to cover the entire room with little vignetting on the wide lens. The only thing that skews the test is that the camera seems to be on Auto Exposure. You'll find these LED lights starting at around $40 dollars.

find-price-button Amaran LED Video Light 126 LED, 160 LED, and 198 LED