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While there are some Panasonic GH2 cameras available at current rip-off prices, the older GH1 is stepping back into the spotlight. Previous GH1 cameras with older firmware could be hacked into what was called the GH13 or GH1.3. The hacks provided more features than the standard GH1, which included higher video bitrates and additional framerates. After a certain firmware version, later sold GH1 cameras were considered 'unhackable' and this was discouraging. Well just a few days ago the hacking geniuses finally got things going again, and now state that all GH1 cameras can be 'hacked' along with some other models like the G1, GF1, and G2.

The great thing about the MFT cameras are that you can adapt pretty much any lens to it. The GH1 is even a great 'stills' camera for the budding photographer. So if you're looking for a Micro Four Thirds camera body that can capture high quality video and photos, you might want to re-consider the older discontinued GH1s while there are still some in stock at these discounted prices.

find-price-button Panasonic GH1 Digital Camera

Or a few via BHPhotoVideo:

On a side note there really isn't good deals on the GF1. If you're a smaller rangefinder sized camera type of person, the GF2 which has a faster processor is also in stock with a $100 dollar instant savings found here:
find-price-button Panasonic GF2 with 14-42mm



Vimeo member Just Basl Productions gives us his opinion on the VF Prime LCD view finder. This is a 3" LCD View Finder, so it will crop a bit on a T2i, T3i, or Canon 60D if you choose to use it. It's not the cheapest LCD Viewfinder solution, but it's also not the most expensive. This one has received excellent reviews so far. The mount is the typical stick on plastic frame type, and optional frames can be purchased seperately.

find-price-button Mounting Frame for VF Prime

You can find this under a few different names like 'VF Prime' or Seagull View Finder. Can be found on eBay here: VF Prime LCD View Finder for 3" Canon Nikon DSLR

Or also Available on Amazon here:
VF Prime
find-price-button VF Prime DSLR Camera LCD Viewfinder for 3" LCD


The 160 LED Video Lights (larger brother of the popular 126) is now old news. You'll find many of the pricing on the 160's coming down fairly cheap, but that could be due to a slightly better version that is now out with 170 LEDs.

find-price-button Latest version - 170 Dimmable LED Video Light

I'm not sure if the overall unit has a better build, but it appears to be from the same manufacturer, and the new 170 LED video light will also come with the much better adjustable metal ball mount (not the plastic crappy version). Many shooters picked up a minus green filter to further correct a slightly green cast on these CN lights, and it appears the new 170 version also comes standard with a pink (minus green) filter now.

The older 160 LED Video lights
find-price-button 160 LED Video Lights


I picked up the Panasonic GF2 camera lately because I wanted something small and really lightweight. Sure you can adapt Nikon or Canon lenses, but that took so much away from being 'small and lightweight'. An excellent solution for Sony NEX and Micro Four-Third cameras are to use CCTV or 'C-Mount' lenses. Here's an excellent video test from Vimeo member Dario Viola showing the quality of these inexpensive lenses. These C Mount lenses are normally used in very small security cameras, but they've become a popular choice for many M43 shooters. You'll find many CCTV lenses with fast F/1.4 and F/1.7 apertures for about $30 dollars.

You can't go too wide without seeing the inside of these small lenses, but for the GH2 you might be able to use crop mode to use just the center of the lens (eliminating the barrel ring on the edges). The most popular sizes for the NEX5 and GF1/2 cameras are the 25mm F/1.4 and 35mm F/1.7. Keep in mind that M43 is a 2x crop, so a 25mm is more like a 50mm F/1.4. I'm picking a few of these up to use on the GF2 and will post results soon after receiving. You can find other C Mount lenses below.

C Mount Lens Tests
find-price-button CCTV C Mount Lenses for NEX and M43


This latest SD1 46MP DSLR from Sigma does not shoot video. The 46MP sensor is actually calculated from individual layers of RGB, with each layer capturing a little more than 15MP each. This camera is extremely old news for those who follow Photography cameras, but just wanted to post the latest news on pricing. For some time now everyone was expecting the retail price to come in at about $9,700. B&H has posted a page with the retail price about $3,000 dollars less, so good news for those who were eyeballing this - (still not available).

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find-price-button Sigma SD1 Flagship 46MP DSLR


According to Amazon's list of Top Selling DSLR cameras, Nikon's D5100 has been numero uno for about a month and a half. I'm pretty sure these sales aren't for hard core DSLR video shooters, but possibly more for Photographers. Nikon is excellent when it comes to still image qualities. The #2 spot belongs to the Nikon D7000. Don't rule Canon out just yet. Among Amazon's 'Top Ten' DSLRs being sold, (in mixed order) 5 are from Nikon and the other 5 are from Canon (no 7D, 5D Mark II, or 60D in the top ten). Sony or Olympus cameras aren't mentioned until you get further down the list. You can find the entire list here: Top DSLR's On Amazon

Best Selling DSLR
visit-button Amazon's List of Best Selling DSLR Cameras


Looks like Duracell's found a Compact Flash manufacturer to slap their name onto. These are newly released 600x speed cards, which the real company 'Dane Elec' doesn't appear to have had before Duracell. One article stated the true speeds are actually closer to 500x, not sure if that's true, but that's still quite a bit of speed. A Duracell 32GB 600x Compact Flash card can run close to $90 US over on eBay, while on Amazon they're currently about $60 US, making them the cheapest 600x on the market. Now i've been using Kingston 32GB 133x early on which I still have for light video and light Photography, then switched over to Transcend 32GB 400x cards. I've been using all Transcend cards since in both CF and SDHC formats with no issues. I'm not ready to try anything new, but maybe a brave soul has already tested these out. Anyone have any real information or link to a review on these new Dane Elec / Duracell 600x's?

find-price-button Duracell 32GB 600x Compact Flash Cards


What's the best part about an extended Memorial 3 Day weekend here in the US? Everyone has travel and vacation plans. It's time to just hang out, lounge, and enjoy the time off. Since everyone is out and about, another good thing is the lack of Internet traffic and sales. A bad thing if you're a retailer, a good thing if you're trying to get a good deal on some auctions that hardly anyone is paying attention to. A reminder to check out some of the DSLR rig auctions that end today while nobody is around to bid.

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find-price-button DSLR Rig auctions on eBay

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Good news for your Nikon fans, seems like all of those popular Nikon models that were 'out of stock' for the last several months has a fresh inventory in at B&H. If you've been waiting patiently, here's your chance. Hopefully they weren't out of stock sooo long that they went outdated. It's been a downfall for popular Nikon cameras to not be able to supply the demands. I feel sometimes people get impatient and end up with other brands like Canon because of the hard to get inventory. The models now available below. [Update]D3s already sold out...

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find-price-button Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera

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find-price-button Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera

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find-price-button Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera

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find-price-button Nikon D3s Digital SLR Camera