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I've done a few videos about different DSLR stabilizers, and have been trying to get a hold of one these Flycam Nanos to do a review. At least there is this video (above) that shows some basic sample footage. So far of my favorite stabilizers for small cameras would have to be the Glidecam HD1000 shown in this article here. I don't know anyone who has one of these Flycam Nanos, and i'm not in a position right now to make a purchase just for a review.

It does look similar to a Glidecam Pro model (stabilizer without micro adjustment knobs), uses the same Gimbal balance setup and similar Fender washer weights like the Glidecam Pro. This little guy though runs about half the price of a Glidecam HD1000 and I expect should fly a T2i very easily. In any case, this is the only video I can find of anyone using this tiny stabilizer. Hopefully i'll get a hold of one for an official review soon. You can find the Flycam Nano stabilizers online here.

dslr video  camera stabilizer
The Flycam Nano

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I showed off the limited edition $99 Dollar shoulder shooter before, but I think this may be the first official review regarding the larger shoulder support rig. Great job Josef! These aren't designed to be Steadicams as a walking running type rig, but Josef seems to have that movement down and it looks very stable. Not to mention that black on black.....on black looks damn good for a rig setup.

The price beats out those 'once popular' Korean rigs and Hong Kong rigs too. Express35 possibly has the cheapest available rigs and accessories in the US, yet still designed with high quality materials. These types of rigs follow exact standards, so adding additional gear from MatteBoxes to Follow Focus systems should mount with ease from any manufacturer. This seems like the best starter rig for anyone looking into a shoulder mount stabilizer. After seeing this review, I knew it would spark some interest, so I Twittered to see if there's a special offer on the table for Cheesycam Readers. Here's the exclusive offer available now, but you gotta drop the blogname and thank Josef for hooking you all up.

Free accessory clamp (Mono Clamp) + Free Shipping in the USA exclusive Cheesycam deal with purchase of the shoulder rig.

There you have it, was already a deal before the deal. You might also want to Follow via Twitter too so you won't miss out on those short lived specials.

On another note, for a limited time Express35 just posted up the DSLR Shooter I reviewed a short time ago. The shooter gets an upgrade to Black on Black and there's only 6 available. It's not back down to $99 bucks, but the black coating should make up for that difference. Sorry the Free Shipping + Free Clamp doesn't apply to this shooter.You can find the new DSLR shooter here.



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For those who are purchasing any type of aftermarket LCD Viewfinder and want to add the additional cotton, fleece, or microfiber eyepiece, here's the actual product that normally ships with the real LCDVF. I dug mine out of a box (never used it) and turns out this is the exact ones that ship with a new LCDVF. In fact after a couple of comments and referrals, turns out this Eyepiece company pretty much dominates this product line. They are available everywhere and are used by several different companies. Quality is top notch and available in Cotton, Fleece, and Microfiber.

The original one that ships from LCDVF came in Microfiber - Oval Small. Available in a variety of colors (yes even purple), ratings over at B&H are 5 stars, run much cheaper than the eyepiece, and after shipping pretty much cheaper than anywhere else. Soooo cheap in fact, it's practically disposable. I may have to grab a few to replace after they've become sweat soaked, or in case someone with cooties wants to borrow. Check out the Professional Fleece / Microfiber Viewfinders for your LCD Viewfinders.


Any designs using these plug clamps, I've been crediting as the 'Johan' rig. Johan originally sent in his DIY DSLR idea found here, and it's been a hit. I even have my hands on these clamps trying to put together my own.

Here's one very cool looking DIY DSLR rig from Derek out in Detroit, with some fancy Carbon rods purchased from Carbon rods? Nice touch! Shoulder pad and Grips are still on it's way, but Derek wanted to give us an early sneak peek. I can attest that even with my Fiberglass Tent Poles, these clamps are strong. Check out Derek rocking what looks like a 70-200mm on this setup, proving to be a structure more than adequate for smaller cams. Great job Derek, thanks for sharing.


Wow, I knew there was software to mimic the Tilt-Shift effect you get from $2,000-$3,000 dollar lenses, but never saw it look this good. Here's a couple of Timelapse videos shot by Photographer Martin Wallgren, and edited in post to mimic the Tilt Shift effect with Alien Skin's 'Bokeh' software. The focus drop off looks very very smooth, it's hard to tell it was done with a Photoshop Plugin.

This sounds like a more time consuming process, but a real Tilt Shift lens is another piece of equipment to drag around, not to mention the crazy price too. I haven't been using Photoshop very much after Lightroom, but here's a reason to get back into it. It may not be true tilt-shift, but these awesome results speaks for itself.


I get questions about the remote I use for my Painters Pole Photography with the Palo Alto adapter. I showed the above video a while back. Since the Canon 550D / T2i is such a popular camera, and I get questions about the remote, I guess it's about time I link out to the official remote for that DSLR. This is a combination remote so you can use the main tethered part alone, or if you need to step away from the camera the main will act like a receiver, and you can use the included Wireless remote. This only works for photos, not video.

Very handy to have, works much better than the Infrared remotes. You don't need line of sight and can be extremely far from the camera itself. As low as $11 dollars, mostly around $15 it's a handy little remote to have in the bag. Here's the same product available for the Canon 550D / T2i.

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Rumor of a new four-thirds lens, Olympus may have a Zuiko 30-150mm Lens with F/3.3-4.2. This is an impressive aperture for such a variable telephoto lens. I can't read what the rest of the website is saying, but this is rumored to be a new lens announced this year.


A new notice has been placed on the LCDVF website in response to the 'Clones'.

Please be aware that thre are some fake LCD viewfinder products out there utterly similar to our LCDVFs but the optics and construction used in these products is far inferior of the original!
The original LCDVFs use achromatic doublet lenses instead of a simple condenser lens to achieve uncompromized image quality.

Well here's a comment that just dropped in from Tonis. Tonis is the CEO of the original LCDVF, and he's talking about these LCDVF 'replicas' or 'clones' that are showing up on the market.

I'm Tonis from LCDVF, Estonia
This is a replica that resembles the original LCDVF.
These are not made with the same molds/tools or with the same sized magnets and even the materials are a bit different, the rubber eyecup smells for example and is not made of skin friendly silicone. The eyecup itself comes loose quite easily.
The lens is just a 2mm thick plano convex one instead of our double lens 8mm thick achromatic setup.
It also seems to have set at such focal length that it might burn the LCD screen when aligned with sun.

They use all our 3D renderings and photographs on the packaging and even our copy texts so we have a big time intellectual property infrngement here to deal with but as these are being made in China it takes a bit time before we will stop them. Till then we will file reports on all eBay sellers of this replica and fortunately eBay acknowledges our rights.

And yes it does not fit 550D, T2i and not even GF1 as often advertised. The LCDVF 3/2 is the only proper viewfinder for these Canon cameras. As will 16/9 be for the remaining others.

Tonis Liivamagi

Tartu, Estonia

Well they say good things don't last long, and looks like the official LCDVF is trying to pull the plug on the whole ordeal. Granted it's going to take some time asking Chinese companies to stop selling outside of China, but eBay is very very quick to deal with anything that has to do with infringement. These LCDVF auctions available now on eBay can literally disappear faster than they appeared.

LCDVF Clones on eBay


[The above images were provided by Sean, thanks Sean]

According to the comments and emails coming in, It looks and feels like the real thing, but it's NOT being sold as the real LCDVF. In fact these replicas or 'clones' are going for less than half the price now. I'm still waiting for mine to show up, to do a side by side comparison, but i'm also the late one of the bunch who placed an order. Some others have sent in comments and emails stating it's not a replica, but looks to be the real deal with a different brand name. There's a few others posted online now, and it just seems to be getting cheaper. Again, this is the replica for the standard 3", but rumors are that in a few weeks a 3/2 Replica version for Canon 550D / T2i users will be available. Check out these super uber cheap Real Deal LCDVF Replicas.

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