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Really bad Mockup (fake image below)

There's been speculation and alot of hype from different Loupe makers about changing the way we currently 'view' through DSLR's. One statement from a well known company (I won't quote completely), mentioned something kinda like:

'Right now you hold the camera up to your eye, that's going to change'.

I've seen many different types of Remote 'Live View' Viewfinders on the market and it's starting to make sense that new LCD loupes could start using this screen instead of the one directly mounted on the DSLR. These DSLR's aren't outputting true HD, so a decent tiny 3-4" remote monitor with a magnified LCD Z-Finder loupe attached would be a pretty cool focusing device. I'm imagining a new type of DSLR shoulder rig where the camera sits normally down the center (not offset), and the remote LCD Viewfinder is positioned through a flexible adjustable arm (much like the ones to hold monitors today). This would provide alot of flexibility when doing low shots, high shots, or any other random type shot while still displaying live view through a remote 3" LCD with a Z-Finder magnified LCD view finder attached. This would be great for a remote Focus Puller too.

We got any fancy Photoshop users out there who care to start mocking up what this could look like? Better yet, If you're planning on some forward thinking and want to beat the other guys to the punch, check out the options already available below to mount your existing LCD Viewfinder Loupe.

A popular Remote LCD that's been out for a while

How about this one? This one attaches to the EyePiece and acts like an angled viewfinder.

This Seculine Remote LCD would be a perfect idea to mount a magnified LCD loupe to it.

So basically the idea is to mount your DSLR on shoulder rig, but only relocate one of these Remote LCD's to the proper position. No need to relocate the entire DSLR video camera.



Ok, another product that's not out on YouTube or Vimeo. Nobody's got reviews on these items, why not? They just make sooo much sense. Lighting has always been an issue whenever we traveled. Halogen bulbs can break by the time your plane lands, and you're pretty much stuck. Hot bulbs are always uncomfortable to work with. Breaking down hot bulbs is a pain in the a$$. So of course the only real option is LED lighting. You've seen these panels before i'm sure, but here's the only video I know that shows what they look like.

You gotta love how fast products are duplicated and how fast pricing comes down with technology. These video light panels normally run from $800 dollars on up from other manufacturers. The LitePanels 1x1 is a great light, but that runs well over $1,800 dollars +. Totally not in my budget. Now this company on Amazon sells these video lights starting as low as $200.00 dollars. That I can afford. The closest thing on the market to these types of lights are those made by FloLight, which run a little more than twice the price.

FloLight 1000 LED Panel (Twice the Price)

After researching different models of this type of LED light panel, I settled for the lights from the Amazon links below since the seller is using Amazon fullfillment services for two of the items. This means these items are sitting in the Amazon warehouse for super fast shipping. The latest model with the Dimmer is coming directly from the retailer, possibly because it's a new product that just hit the Internet recently. Ok let's show some lights::

500 LED Video Light (no Dimmer) 500 LED Video Light (with Dimmer) - I like this one. 1000 LED Video Light Panel (no dimmer option)

I was able to locate this listing. This might be a mistake, but it looks to be the exact same 500 LED light (no dimmer), but this listing comes with a LightStand. Saving you at least an extra $20 bucks.

Wait, they just snuck in another combo deal - more savings. This one shaves a few bucks for buying two + they added light stands.

This is another LED Video light panel (below) that uses a different type of LED. The design on this LED I believe allows for a further 'throw' if your subject is further away.

56x 1watt LED



photo 2

Update: You can now buy the LCDVF 3/2 from
Grab yourself the LCDVF 3/2 from

Thanks to a tip from a reader, I was able to get an early jump on the 'NEW' LCDVF viewfinder for the Canon T2i / 550D. The first available LCDVF's for the 3:2 aspect ratio such as the Canon T2i is available now at After US conversion through Paypal, it ended up at roughly $144.00 dollars. Still much cheaper than Zacuto brands, and with the new aspect ratio custom fit, LCDVF is ahead of the game. Let's just hope Canon doesn't throw us another random LCD size. We'll see how fast shipping is, and I'll share the review once it gets in my hands. Thanks Gerry!

New LCDVF 3:2 for Canon T2i / 550D
click image

Original LCDVF still available.
click image



These pipe clamps look to be very handy for anyone wanting to create a 'Rod' type shoulder rig. Supposedly you can find them around the copper pipe aisles at Home Depot and they have a nice spacing to them which look similar to real 'Rod rigs'. The front support handles are cutdown Bike handlebars and obviously your choice of bike handles. These are very cool looking rigs that i'm sure nobody would recognize as a DIY project. These videos are not super clear on the complete assembly, total parts list, and configuration, but i'm on the lookout for more detailed versions of the copper pipe clamp rigs showing up now. I think i'll have to try my hand at configuring my own Copper Pipe Clamp DSLR Rig.

Another Version:



This was a friends video project. He decided to use my house to shoot a very short video clip. It's his project, so i'll wait to let him post the video before sharing it with you. Those cheap Bike clamps (found here) sure came in handy for us to make a DIY boom pole. I used one to mount at the bottom of a regular monopod and adapted the Zoom H4n to the bottom. The top was the Rode VideoMic on it's own adapter. We used an extension cord to run the mic down to the Zoom H4n. The Windscreen was on the Rode, because we were going in an out of the house. The Spider Trax Dolly was also out on the floor and used for some really cool shots. Glad we had a tool like this, otherwise there would be no way to pull off some of the long tracked shots and curved motion shots.

The basis of this project was about some kids who come over to a friends house, practices break dancing, and well..i'll share the rest when it's online. I saw a quick edit of his project, and it came out great. Thanks to some of the Renegade Rockers for showcasing some of their awesome break dance skills. More information will be posted later.

Update: Here's the video if you want to check it out, it was submitted for the Crystal Light contest. Great job Larry!


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I'm not sure exactly which infrared remote model number is used on the Canon T2i / 550D, but for the Canon 5D Mark II you would use the RC-1 infrared remote. This is a nice handy little remote to shoot photos and also start and stop video. The problem is that it's infrared and you'll need to get the remote somewhat in front of the camera to trigger. A tethered remote is nice, but that has some limitations also, especially not being able to start and stop video (only the infrared remotes can start and stop video on the canon DSLR).

Here's an unusual remote that just surfaced offering both a cord type connection and offers an infrared trigger too. Now if your only concern is to get a corded remote, i'd go straight to the Intervalometer I blogged about not too long ago. But to start and stop video, you definitely need to trigger it via Infrared so you'll have to get a second remote.

Using this item here, you get the best of both worlds "ONLY IF THIS CAN START / STOP VIDEO". There's no mention that it can actually do video, but having infrared built in, i'm guessing it already does. (no timelapse options). It's very early with no information out on this thing, but check it out if you're bored.

If you're shopping for a remote simply to do photos, here's a similar setup as to the Wireless remote I did a demo with on my Canon 5D Mark II. (See the Demo Here) This is both a corded remote as well as a Wireless Remote option for photography. It cannot start and stop video, but the wireless works much better since it doesn't rely on Infrared. check out the dual Corded + Wireless remote for the Canon T2i / 550D.

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Here's a recent comment regarding the 126 LED Dimmable Multi Battery LED Video Light many people have purchased:

I was wondering you Em or anyone had any experience with color correcting these 126 LED lights to (near) Tungsten?

It's true, the Tungsten gel that comes with the LED light panel isn't very close to Tungsten. Now I don't have many gels available to me right now, and i'm also not a lighting genius, but I guess I can shop around and find something that works best. Instead of myself trying to come up with a solution, I thought there might be enough of a community of readers who might have more experience with this.

If anyone out there has a good solution of Gel color, type, size, etc. the rest of us would love to find out. These lights aren't going away any time soon, so let's see if we can nail this down to a standard Gel type and color. In fact if you have your own solution for Diffusion, I would love to hear that too. Even any type of Mods or Hacks on how you might use these lights differently or creatively would serve as good tips too. Anyone Anyone?

Update::: Joel Hartz - Hartz Photographic LED Review teaches us how to get better color match on the 126 LED Video light. Looks like this problem is solved. Thanks Joel for the awesome review, and thanks for the shot out to the blog!


find-price-button 126 LED Dimmable Multi Battery DSLR video Light



Ok, i'm really excited to talk about this item, it's such a great find for me. I've seen this item many times but couldn't find a single YouTube or Vimeo video review about the 717AH Video Fluid Head (note that the number on the box doesn't always match the number on the fluid head). Other search results on the Internet come back as just product sales information. Am I the only one reviewing this item? Have I truly discovered the next DSLR hidden treasure? LOL.

You gotta watch my short video review above as to why this thing rocks. I'm comparing it to 3 different style Monfrotto brands. As you know i'm the happy owner of a Monfrotto 701HDV Fluid head (I demo it on the 99 dollar slider video). Don't get me wrong, the 701HDV works totally awesome. But as many of you might know, i've been working on a Skater Dolly type project 'Spider Trax Dolly' and one of the delays have been researching the perfect Camera Head to mount. Since there will be an option to purchase the dolly 'without' a Video Head, I wanted to make sure I found the right options to suggest to people.

I've already invested in 4 different fluid heads (not cheap blah!) trying to find the right one for you guys. One of the problems I was trying to solve was the 701HDV mount. Everyone out there with a Slider, Skater, or Dolly knows what' i'm talking about! The lower locking knob doesn't clear very well when mounted on flat surfaces. This means you need to DIY some type of spacer. A simple spacer doesn't always work well either. The fluid head is quite firm so you need to drill out some locking screws to make sure it doesn't come loose. Sure I love the 701HDV, but it has problems mounting to anything other than an actual video tripod.

Here's where I struck Gold. When i'm just about fed up with Fluid heads, and figured I'll have to come up with a special adapter for the Spider Trax dolly project, I run into this little Gem. I've seen this online before, but was hesitant about the build for a brand I wasn't familiar with. It was pretty much my last resort in trying to find the best Fluid Head to suggest for the dolly project. It's available from a US seller which means super fast shipping - (no four week waiting period). Even better, It's half the price of a Monfrotto 701HDV and as far as i'm concerned it's twice the build quality. This thing is compact (same size as 701HDV), but it's beefy! It's designed with lots of metal, the fluid head is smooth, has incredibly strong locks to support lots of weight, and comes with a very very nice adjustable (very long) Video handle for extra leverage. In fact you can mount two handles for smoother panning shots. With the adjusted length, this handle actually is perfect for the Spider Trax Dolly use too! It performs same if not better than fluid heads more than three times it's price.

Why isn't anyone else talking about it? I feel like i'm breaking new ground here much like when I started blogging about those 126 LED Video lights. I'm not sure, but I was sooo happy with the first one, I purchased a second one so I don't have to keep remounting my head onto different sliders, tripods, and dollies. The cheapest i've found the 717AH fluid head was on eBay by this seller, while others sell this upwards to $100 dollars. Click here to visit the USA seller that I received mine from..

click image

Update: Just contacted the company to see if they can supply me with alot more for the Dolly project. They mentioned there's a limited amount in stock until the next shipment. This will be the official Fluid head that will be packaged as an option with the Spider Trax Dolly, so if you're shopping for an awesome quality Video Fluid head, now might be the time to grab one.

Oh and i'm still a Monfrotto fan, in fact I love love love my Carbon Fiber 190 CX3 sticks from Monfrotto. Great quality build for the price.

Remember, the numbers on the Head don't match the box - weird.

find-price-button Click image to find 717AH Video Fluid Head



Here's a quick run through of what to expect from the Aputure Timer Remote when getting the Intervalometer ( Timelapse ) feature started. This timelapse remote is for the Canon 550D / T2i and will not work with the Canon 7D or 5D Mark II. The connection to the camera is similar to a mini stereo headphone jack. The other cameras use a different round connection type with several pins. This Timelapse is remote pretty straight forward once you do a quick run through on the user manual. There are much more features for this remote that I haven't dived into yet, but that will be posted up soon. There is no option to start and stop video (I get alot of those questions). It's a great little remote for the price of $22.00 dollars.

canon 550d timelapse timer remote

For Canon 7D & 5D Mark II owners, here's the proper remote (works on both).