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Wow, just a day after posting the Canyon Creek video shot on a 550D / T2i with Nikon lenses, there's been a flood of interest. I had no idea that Nikon lenses to Canon bodies were so unfamiliar. So here's a post to talk about the Nikon lens to Canon adapters. The most basic of adapters can run as low as $12.00 US. This is just a basic adapter leaving you with manual focus and unavailable aperture values on your LCD. The second adapter (bottom) claims to maintain full Auto Focus functionality with a special embedded chip. I don't own this adapter, but for the sake of Cheesycam, i'll place an order and do a review. If anyone currently owns an AF Nikon Lens to Canon adapter, Holla in the comments!.

You can purchase these adapters by clicking here.

I'm placing my order with this eBay seller. 100% Feedback and reviews show that the people who purchased this item, the adapter works perfectly as described.

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The Canon EOS 5D mark II changed everything about HD Video as we know it. It's a legend in it's own right, and there will be a time when Canon calls for it's End Of Life. That will be a sad sad day.. This might not be something new for many of you, but these little nostalgic USB drives won't be around forever. Who knows if they will one day be a collectors item worth ten times the price it's going to rape you for today. Can someone say 'Antique Road Show' in possibly 20 years? You can find the Canon EOS 5D Mark II - 4GB USB Drives by clicking here.


This video is great for several reasons. First, it's coming from someone who's fairly new to shooting video on DSLR's. Secondly, it's coming from a 550D / T2i and the footage is amazing. Third, it's using all Nikon lenses with a Canon adapter, which goes to show, even with other lenses you can capture great footage. Great job on shooting this video Larry!

Little League Team: Canyon Creek Royals
Location: Alamo, CA
Music Credit: " A New Game"
Featuring: Julian Reyes

Shot with a Canon T2i w/ Nikon 85mm, 180mm & 16mm Fisheye.

If you're looking to adapt some Nikon lenses over to some Canon Bodies, you can find an adapter here.
find-price-button Cinevate Canon EOS to Nikon Adapter Ring


PPP Painters Pole Photography GoPro HD 

That's me way down there. My camera is on a 10' pole and i'm holding it with one hand about 6 ft. off the ground. There's a rock cliff just a few feet away from me, but i'm having so much fun getting a different perspective of the Monterey bay i'm not thinking about anything else.

There's a bunch of different names for this type of photography. Common phrases would be Low Aerial, Pole Aerial, and I call it Painters Pole Photography. The most popular pole being used is the one I list Above from Amazon. It's made by Shur. This is an awesome plastic + aluminum pole that can extend from less than 3' to almost 10' with just one-click of a button. It's sturdy enough to mount my Canon 5D Mark II on top of it too! For that I have a wireless remote (not infrared) to fire off the shutter. I've modified it to use the Giottos Mini Ball Head for attaching the camera to the top and still have some tilting positions.

This was taken from a trip to Monterey for the Big Sur International Marathon ( I was supporting, not running ) just today. For this trip, I made sure to pack my Canon 5D Mark II, 100mm Macro lens, 24-70mm F/2.8, 50mm F/1.4, a 580 EX II, some wireless remotes, extra compact flash cards, and a whole bunch of other junk. Well guess what? I was having sooo much fun with the GoPro HD camera on my painters pole, I barely shot with 5DM2.

Below are a couple of snaps I took that shows the different perspective of Photography in Monterey. I simply set the GoPro to timelapse photography mode and let it snap away. I did shoot some video too, which i'll try to edit later. This is a setup I'll take with me everytime I do some hiking.

If you're using a Micro Four-Thirds type camera, a 550D / T2i, or other lightweight cameras that can be mounted to the top of a pole, this type of Photography is tons of fun. Just be prepared to get lots of attention, and get asked alot of questions. Might even be good for an overhead night club scene shooting in video mode with an LED light! Now we're talking...

Sample Video with Photos - Over Saturated in Sony Vegas

All images shot with the GoPro HD in TimeLapse Mode

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apple international sales ipad delayed
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Due to overwhelming popularity, Apple has pushed back international shipments of the iPad until at least late May, leaving eBay the only major outlet where international buyers can purchase this highly anticipated Apple product. During the first days of launch, some iPads sold for as much as $5,000 USD. Currently, it’s being reported the iPad is selling in some locations for double its comparable retail price in the US. If you're looking to purchase the iPad from out of the country, looks like your best bet is from eBay. Click here to find the iPad for sale.


dslr silicone body case covers
click to buy Silicone DSLR body cover

Keep that darn thing covered!!! It's what mamma used to say to me back when I was in High School. Funny thing, I didn't own a camera back then. Still don't quite get it...

Anyways, it's good advice for those of you throw your cameras in the trunk of your car without any regret to possible scratches and damage. This Silicone DSLR body cover might be a good thing to have for a 550D / T2i since they aren't very weather-proof or have a Magnesium Alloy frame like the bigger brothers. Also available for Nikon the less fortunate.. (OK just kidding!!! No hate mail!! Sheesh take a joke guys..hahaha).You can find the Silicone DSLR Camera Body Case Covers by clicking here.

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lensbabies lenses creative tilt shift
click for LensBabies lenses

Fisheyes, Tilt-Shift, Macros, Wide angles, and other creative lenses normally run big bucks that only professionals can afford. Lensbabies lenses are a great fun way to add some creative footage to your photography (and now videography with HD DSLR's). They've been around for many many years and have really refined their products as well as come out with more creative ways to shape an image through their flexible lenses. You can find a variety of LensBabies lenses for different types of images by clicking here.

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The 85mm F/1.2 is a beast and rated as one of the best Portrait lenses that Canon has to offer. It's also a very expensive lens that's not super versatile. You can't shoot macro, in fact the minimum focal distance is a few miles away (i'm joking). So unless Portraits are all you ever do in life, most people won't invest into that type of gear.

I've been following a company called Borrow Lenses for quite some time but never had the nerve to test out the service. Basically you place an order on line and they ship you the gear. Don't let the name fool you. It's not all Lenses. They've got RedRock Micro shoulder rigs, follow focus systems, full camera bodies, light meters, tripods, filters, Memory Cards, Lighting. Brands include Canon, Sony, Nikon, and more. The above video was shot by someone in New York! These guys get around in renting professional equipment for both Photography and Video.

I've had the chance to work with many professionals in the field lately and they all seem to be doing business with Borrow Lenses with absolutely no problems. Located in San Mateo you can even drop by their office for pickup and drop off. They even have a YELP review page. So the next time i'm thinking of dropping 2K on a lens, maybe i'll think about just renting it for about $34 dollars for a weekend. Click here to check out Borrow Lenses.

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