2, 4, and 6 Bank Slim CFL Video Light Panels

Yesterday Iker shared a link to another set of 2, 4, and 6 bank CFL - Fluorescent light panels. [Thanks Iker] Some will say these are 'Kino Flo-like' light panels. I've been using the original 6 bank type, that works great for throwing a nice broad diffusion of light, but are a bit on the heavy side when I travel. You can find some samples of the light panels I use in this article (click here). In the studio, CFL lighting is the primary type of lights we are using, and have been effective for us for quite some time now. For location shoots, i'm trying to rely on LEDs for their lightweight.

CFL Light KitSlim CFL Light KitCFL lighting Kit Sock Diffuser

These 2, 4, and 6 bank video light panels that were shared to me yesterday list that they use the same Osram bulbs as my 6 bank set, but have a much slimmer profile and come with an outer diffusion panel (sock). Peeking around in the seller store, there's a number of other CFL type lighting kits including a folding barndoor octagon shaped head. Of course much of the quality with CFL lighting is based on the bulb type and ballast being used, so has anyone used these or have any more information on how well they work?

You can find these lights being sold on both Amazon (click here)

2-bank4 bank6 bank
find-price-button 2 Bank, 4 Bank, 6 Bank CFL Light Panels - via Amazon

and there's a number of different CFL lighting kits on eBay (click here).

Octagon Barndoor CFL lightOctagon softbox CFL light
find-price-button Other CFL Fluorescent Light Panel Kits - via eBay


18 thoughts on “2, 4, and 6 Bank Slim CFL Video Light Panels

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - I don't have the exact same ones in this article, but the CFL banks I have are silent.

  2. chris

    I bought a 6 bank one of these and like it A LOT. Nice build and CRI. Comes in at 5400 +- 100K . In fact, I just ordered another one.

  3. Jackson Miller

    Anyone try these yet? I might buy a small one to see if it flickers but thats potentially 200 down the drain.

  4. Rob S.

    I think it's the 1690. He got it used on Craigslist and cut the foam to fit the lights. There's enough room for a CFL bulb case, too. Kino sells hard cases too but his broke.

  5. @Rob S -- Also, those flos do have a slight hum. I doubt it's loud enough to interfere with audio recording, if you're doing it right, but it is there and it's not, for example, with the CoolLights flo bank I have.

  6. @Rob S -- They may flicker for a few seconds, sometimes, when I turn them on, but that's it. I haven't performed any scientific tests on them but, to my eye, there is no color cast. My LEDs, however, do have a slight cast, which is fixed easily enough with minus green gels.

    Thanks for the tip re: Pelican cases. Do you happen to know which model he uses? If I could fit two light banks in a single case, it might be worth the cost.

  7. Rob S.

    @mmgodfrey Do your lights flicker or have any color cast to them? I'd love to buy some Kinos but they're so expensive. Another photographer I work with has two Divas and he carts them around in Pelican hard cases.

  8. Hey Emm,

    Based on your recommendation, I got one of the 1650 6-bank flos and I like it quit a bit: a nice, soft flattering light. I'm wondering how you cart yours around, through. I've got a speakers event coming up and I want to give them the best light possible, but my CoolLight LEDs are a lot smaller and easier to transport.

  9. David

    I have several lights that look almost identical to those. The main case and the switches are the same, but the barndors seem to have improved. Mine are like mirrors and the hinges are very weak. When the lamp stands upright the top flaps move downwards unless you retighten the screws once in a while. Overall they work and are cheap.

    BUT a question:
    Has anyone noticed a slight green tint with those Osram 954 55W lamps (regardless in which light used)? I always need a quarter-minus-green-gel to compensate for that. Now I'm wondering if my Osram lamps are in fact forgeries...or if that's normal.


  10. it says they use "Osram Daylight 5400K Lamps included " which i think are the ones used in most of these type of lights (Cool Lights, etc.)

  11. Rob S.

    Looks like the same company that sells those cheap CFL ring lights you talked about a while ago. I actually bought one of those ring lights in the 300w to try it out and it works decently well. Super cheap hardware tho.

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