15mm Rail Base Set Quick Release Tripod Mount

Missed the 160 LED video light bundle? Apparently LinkDelight is slashing prices on a number of items including two different 15mm Rails with quick release camera mount and tripod base plate. [Thanks Viktor]

One of these sets looks like a part found from a Fotga rig. If you just need to get started with a simple set to support a basic follow focus or to mount other 15mm accessories, check out the two different sets following the link (click here)

15mm base set rails15mm rails base set link delight link delight
find-price-button Link Delight 15mm Base Rails Tripod Mount Quick Release

Also noted in the comments, they are practically throwing away their DSLR Follow Focus systems at 42% off. The LED light bundle sold out in minutes, so I don't expect these prices to last.

find-price-button DSLR Follow Focus 15mm Mount

Other people are finding deals on a variety of items today, so it might be worth checking out more Photo / Video products from this seller.

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141 thoughts on “15mm Rail Base Set Quick Release Tripod Mount

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Karl - There is no comparison, and they are all totally different. They all have very different dimensions.

  2. What bothers me to no end about how all this new gear comes in, and ith all the people who purchase these, is that no one seems to make direct comparisons between the LinkDelight (aka, Weifeng) quick release plate and the Bogen/Manfrotto. Here's my gripe: I want to know if the four mounting holes on the Weifeng plate are the same dimensions as the Manfrotto 577 QR plate. No one, not Weifeng, Manfrotto, or anyone else seems to make a point to publish the specs of these critical junctures.

  3. Anonymous

    The Chinese government is ALREADY involved!

    "link-delight" and their affiliates are currently facing international indictment on multiple criminal charges of FRAUD for this and other fraudulent sales just like it with fraudulent dealing in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany. Likewise (along with link-delight) eBay, PayPal, its partners and affiliates are also being named in an international class action monetary suit if they fail to comply with immediate removal of ALL their accounts and produce all transactional documents related to this and other similar fraudulent sales. It's over for link-delight, no wonder they were happy to try and pay people double to keep people quiet and try to avoid being taken out of business and imprisonment in brutal Chinese prisons.

    Perhaps they will see some leniency if they compensate people for the fraud? Perhaps not, this is China after all.

    If link-delight is reading this, you’re about to receive what was truly inevitable, a very looooooooong and harsh prison sentence.

  4. Roman

    The same story with me, guys.

    I have more then 30 e-mails with them, and still no refund and no items. Each time they are asking what to do: refund or resend, then do nothing. When they finally resend they give me fake tracking number.

    Still no money and no items.

    This is the real fraud!

    Now I'm trying to learn how to send information about them to police in China or Interpol.

  5. TiM

    seller liar, Fotga DP500 DSLR Rail 15mm Rod Support System and FOTGA DP500 Follow Focus FF for DSLR 15mm Rod, have not been delivered.

  6. HD-tography


    My experience was much worse... LIES LIES AND MORE LIES!!!

    I have never seen anything like this seller, they have delayed repeatedly, lied about sending out the package half a dozen times after I continuously refused a refund and demanded to be sent the items, I'm in a brutal PayPal dispute with them STILL to this day, they have even charged me EXTRA for shipping over 2 months after the sale date, and sent me a fraudulent tracking number for someone else's package that confirmed delivery today over 2000 KM away...

    I am speechless.

  7. Jack

    Ordered rail base and follow focus. Got nothing.

    They lied to me several times.

    Waited over 3 weeks, nothing happened. Asked where are my items. They said that wait another week.

    Gave them negative feedback.

    After week they started same excuses as mentioned in this thread earlier. They offered refund and $5 compensation money. I didn't accept.

    I was wondering that why do they sell those items still under link-delight-na and link-delight-eu accounts. After I notified about this, they said that them are bad quality third brand products and I don't really want them (same description and pictures).

    I said that yes I do and they said that they "sent" them to me "again".

    Nothing happened. At 45th day opened case to paypal resolution center. Gave them link to this thread that case is fine by me if they give full refund and $60 as they did for some users in this thread.

    They refunded (without compensation money) and case was automatically closed.

    Asked why they didn't give compensation money. They said that they can give $5 if I change feedback to positive.

    I did not.

    (Positive feedback cannot be changed back to negative.)

  8. Felipe

    Wow, I should have checked this a long time ago. I got the same response from them and I ordered a rail system on March 27!! I have been busy and almost forgot I ordered this item. I will request a reimbursement from them if I don't hear from them asap.

  9. sam

    I bought

    -FOTGA DP500 Follow Focus FF for DSLR 15mm Rod For Canon Nikon + Gear Ring Belt

    -AF Auto-Focus Macro Extension Tube/Ring for Canon EOS EF EF-S 550D 600D 5D 60D

    -Pro Gimbal Tripod Head BK-45 Specialized 1/4" Screw For Telephoto Lens Camera

    -FOTGA DP500 15mm Rail Rod Support + Quick Release Plate f Mattebox Follow Focus

    received NOTHING 44 days later

    send an email, they ask : refund or resend

    I ask for a resend, but I'am affraid to can't use paypal if it's too late, so I say I will not hesitate to use paypal dispute, and 0 stars !

    expecting not loose 200$

    sorry for my english, french customer

  10. I ended up getting a refund on my order (1 of each).
    They didn't say anything to me about not sending the goods though. Instead acted as surprised I didn't get it yet, but jumped on the chance to refund it (before the paypal deadline of reporting it).

  11. Roman

    Somebody had received items from link-delight sale?
    Or they are making refunds to everybody?

  12. Archie

    just to comment on linkdelight, I have shopped a lot from them these past few months and the quality of stuff has been really good. Their customer service is slow but they DO respond. They sometimes answer in a incomprehensible way mostly due to language barrier but sometimes I feel they deliberately act that way to delay shipment (sometimes Sophy becomes Ruby and you have to start telling the issue again).
    And I like the collection they maintain and have seen them improve their service over period. Also I use their own store than eBay, where (usual) prices seem to be mildly lower..

  13. ATP

    I see many have gone through the same situation as me. After weeks of back and forth messages, it turns out that I will not be receiving this item for the following reason:

    "Sorry for any inconvenience. About this matter, we can explain to you why we cannot send by express. The problem with the customs is that the we sold the item with too low price and the brand owner reported us as improper compete and infringement trademark. They have record on the customs and reported us to them. And don't allow us to send these packages. We have contacted several customers for this matter. And advise to refund."

    I knew something strange was going on when soon after I placed my order, the price doubled and they were pushing me to pay by Express. Maybe it is not shady and just a mistake on their part, but how upsetting. They say I will be receiving a refund + $12 compensation right away. Hopefully the refund will go smoothly.

  14. Mario Contino

    I'm in the same boat with you guys. I had only ordered a set of the rails, and after several messages back and forth, I received a refund plus some extra money as compensation.

    It was a bit annoying, and disheartening, since like you guys I was stoked about the deal. But I can't fault them for following through on the refund plus additional compensation. At least now I can use this and find another rail set.

  15. David

    Well I bought the lights, rail and FF..and got none. I do give it to them for working hard to resolve the issue, I settled with full refund and $80. Just got the refund and $80 today.

  16. crazyrunner33

    That's how retail works, most places sell for about 2 to 3 times what they pay for. Big box stores can sell closer to 1.25, to 1.5 times the price they paid for. What we saw was close to wholesale for these rails I personally will just by a block of aluminum and machine it, then buy some rails and call it good.

  17. Tony

    Maybe this is a inside look at the indicator to which the profits that are made on these simple metal rods and attachments. I think we all know how inexpensive this stuff is to make. If link delight could sell these at $35 and make a slight profit...hmmm. Think i'm in the wrong biz lol.

  18. Tony Carretti


    I got my original price refunded to me plus an additional $35 (minus the Paypal transfer fee). I'm happy I got my money back and I appreciated that they basically doubled my return in an effort to make things right.

    I changed my feedback based on this gesture, but it still makes me a little leary of dealing with them again. Hopefully it won't happen again in the future.

  19. Paul

    I got the same story, twice they blamed the address, next the blamed the "custems". next they said if i paid express shipping of $60 it MIGHT go through and they would give me $10 for my trouble!!! next they admitted it was the supplier objecting to the sale price- after that they offered $80 PLUS the cost of the item and shipping followed up with an identical email offering $40 now plus the cost of the item and shipping. I said I would take the $80 and of course no response yet. They sell THOUSANDS of things on ebay I am totally surprised they don't have systems in place other then lie lie lie.

  20. Tony

    @cheetah - I ordered on March 27th like everyone. Had an issue with my paypal bank transfer and I resubmitted payment two days later on 29th. It shipped on April 4th and recieved it other day.

    @rob - I have been a member of slickdeals and fatwallet for over 5 years and I seen many retailers back out of "sales" many times. If you know anything about the Chinese ebay merchants...they are notorious for watching every penny. If the cost is a seemingly insignificant 1 cent more than originally anticipated they'll cut and run. If I had to guess, I think there was a run-in with the declared value vs actual value of contents. And this through up a red flag at the Post with such a large quantity of boxes being shipped all at once. The cost for the repackage/label and ship again in smaller incremental batches is too cost prohibitive for linkdelight... remember cost prohibitive to them can be less than $1. As you'll see on the following photo I taken...my two FFs were declared at the sale price and I didn't occur any further charges. This may be a separate incident from the 15mm Rail Base Set...as I ordered them also but haven't received yet. So rob, I think their intial motive for the sale was to generate some "xx Sold" on their specific ebay pages...but had no clue they'd get such an overwhelming amount of orders.

    Photos links to the Fotga FF I received and shipping pkg:


  21. Tony

    You got to be kidding me!!! This seller makes up numerous lies. Says it's your address. Then says it's customs. THEN AND ONLY THEN after Emm posts what he thinks happens. The seller some how "comes clean" and changes story again. Don't you guys realize this seller will do anything to save face? I'll tell you what happen: This seller has been monitoring htis site and how ironically other members start receiving messages saying what Emm said. And now you all are giving positive feedback?

    By the way...I received my 2 Follow Focus today from them. It was sent with a tracking number. I have NOT received my 2 rail system which were supposed to have shipped before the FF. The two Fotga DP500 were just wrapped and taped in side two small boxes taped together.

    Back to the fiasco. I'm shocked at you guys here falling for the "customs-MAP violation" thing. Emm wrote it up and someone like Sophy saw it and was like "yea, that sounds like a great excuse...that will pacify those people!" I'll post photos of my two FF and packing for proof if need be. This BS...keep up the negative feedback and communication if you want yours.

  22. @louis, congrats...want to sell it?;)

    @John I believe that one has plastic accessories. (blueparts) instead of aluminum.

  23. Louis

    I came back to see if anyone had gotten theirs yet and was very surprised to see the number of comments. I ordered pretty early that morning so I'm hoping that I got under the wire before this whole customs block fiasco. My items (rails+FF) say they were shipped and I haven't gotten any messages.

  24. Cameron

    @Rob - Totally agree. With the amount of help they are now putting forth to try and resolve all of this, I'll switch my feedback as well when the refunds go through. It's saying something that they're trying this hard.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @rob - Whatever they are saying, it's starting to sound more reasonable. The fact that they are willing to take a loss, throw in some additional cash so you could buy elsewhere is pretty amazing. I would give them positive feedback just because they are owning up to their mistakes.

  26. Cameron

    @Emm - I think you're spot on. Here's what I just received this morning...

    "Sorry for any inconvenience. About this matter, we can understand your feeling very well. You bought it with very low price and cannot get this item with the same price. But now, the problem is that the package has been held on by the customs as the brand owner reported us as improper compete and trademark infringement. We have contacted them for this matter, but it is not easy for us to solve this problem. How about this? We offer full refund to you and pay compensation to you so that you can buy the same items from other ebay seller who sells this item without problems. Is that ok for you?

    Actually, if we can send the item, it will be better for us as we won't lose more money as well as your trust. But now, everything is not good for us. We nearly lost all we have. Would you please kindly understand our difficulties on this matter? That will be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Looking forward to your early reply.

    Best regards,

    Again, exactly what Emm said, although its hard to believe when they've gave everyone the run around for so long. Different person too (Zoe) which was nice to see. Maybe Sophy was getting tired of all the complaints.

    It looks like I'll have to mark this down as a failed attempt and start searching for replacements. Anyone have suggestions on some more rail systems and follow focus units that won't break the bank?

  27. @emm

    this is from linkdelight:

    Sorry for any inconvenience. About the blog, I have visited. I know what you are worried about. The package has been held on by the customs as someone reported us to them. They said us sold the item with too low price and infringement their trademark. I know, you bought this item with very low price, and would like to get the item than the refund. We also want to send out the packages. But no way for us to do so now. To make it more fair to you, we can offer payment to you as well as the refund so that you can buy them from other sellers who can send out the package. Is that ok for you?

    and then this:

    Sorry for any inconvenience. The refund has been forwarded to our manager just now and will be processed within 1-2 working days. Please kindly wait for a while.

    We know, this matter brought you much troubles, we feel very sorry for that. Any possible to leave us your 5 star positive feedback? That will be greatly appreciated.

    There are many customers communicate about this matter on the blog. We have promised to send out the package but cannot fulfill our promise. We cannot express our worry about this matter. We worried we will lost all the customers. That is too bad for us. Anyway, thank you very much for your understanding.

    I think they handled it rather well. Who would have thought you could get in so much trouble for having a sale?

  28. cheetah

    I just got word from the seller and you are absolutely right on the part of cardinal rule. They were being banned from sending out these items because the manufacturer had reported them to the custom and deemed their low price had caused an unfair competition among other sellers. I think it will take a while to resolve this matter among them but the seller is willing to refund immediately.

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Carretti - I don't think you'll have any problems getting a refund for their mistakes. In fact they want to refund people and have even offered additional monetary compensation. The only mystery is why the items weren't able to be shipped. The only thing I can think of is that they listed it on sale and violated a cardinal rule. Let me try to explain this rule a bit and give insight on how the industry works a bit.

    If you become a reseller for an item, you have to respect the MAP (manufacturers advertised price). If you sell below that price, you will be penalized and discontinued as a reseller. This rule prevents companies from competing too much against each other on price slashing. Some resellers are quite happy to walk away with a $1.00 profit margin, while other companies (large companies) need a higher margin for business operations. Once a product has had it's priced slashed down to a profit margin of pennies, no other reseller wants to carry that product. There's just no profit left to risk inventory. To add to that, if nobody wants to carry this product, then the developer/manufacturer of the product cannot sell to large retailers (usually by the thousands) and the product dies...

    I believe they slashed the prices down and got slapped on the hand by the distributors of these products and risked losing the reseller account.

  30. Tony Carretti

    Still haven't heard back from them yet, so I sent them this:

    Sophy,Unfortunately, I don't believe the excuse that Customs will not allow the shipment. I have seen many instances of this occuring with this "SALE" item. In the future, don't advertise a price for an item that you don't plan on honoring. That is not the correct way to conduct a good business. Please refund me my money immediately or else I will have no recourse other than to pursue action through both Paypal AND Ebay concerning your business practice. I'm sure enough people are angry about this that it is going to impact your seller rating. Was it really worth it to do this? You should have just honored the price and decided not to do it again in the future if it is not profitable enough for you.

    We'll see if it gets me a refund...

  31. I asked if they could just give me two out of the four items I ordered, but keep all the money I gave them. at that price it would still come in drastically less than what I would pay anywhere else.

  32. SAME HERE! I Just wrote them back again (for the 3rd time) telling them that I want my items! Let's see what they say:

    Thanks for your kindly reply.
    I am really sorry for that.
    But the Custom inspection is very strict, but it also depends on the item, so some parcels still can be delivered, hope you understand it. Thanks.
    And now how about we refund you the payment and then we would like to offer you 15.00USD as the compensation for the inconvenience, is it OK? Thanks for your undersanding again.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

  33. crazyrunner33

    I'm being refunded also and compensated in exchange for good feedback. If this works out then I'll give them positive feedback for their effort of making this right. I'm just curious of what really happened.

  34. Tony Carretti

    I left them negative feedback last night. This morning I get another message from them saying that :

    "How are you?
    I am so sorry to check your negative feedback to us. We do want to ship the item to you, but because of the strict Custom inspection for the export items and import items recently, the parcels are hard to pass the Custom. We sincerely hope you can understand it. Thanks in advance.
    And now for your problem, after refund you the payment, we still would like to offer you 7.00USD as the compensation, is it OK? And now could you kindly help us to revise the negative feedback to a positive one? Thanks.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    So FIRST it was that they had the wrong shipping address, then after providing them my address they STILL said the shipping address was wrong, NOW it's CUSTOMS fault.

    Pretty shady... Just want my money back and won't be buying from these guys again.

  35. Michael W

    I sent a message today asking for tracking numbers for two different orders of rails and ff both supposedly shipped. I just got this message back

    "Thanks for your kindly reply.
    I am really sorry.
    But because the item is shipped via regular mail, we cannot offer you the tracking number this time, hope you understand it. Thanks.
    if you still cannot receive it after the normal shipping time, please kindly email us again and then we will solve it for you asap. Please do not worry.
    If any further assistance we can do for you, please feel free to email us again."

    I'll just have to wait a month and see if they do arrive.
    Maybe I was lucky and put in an order while they actually had stock.

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