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There's been a recent change with the CAME-TV ARGO and MINI 3 Batteries. These stabilizers have now moved to 'Battery Cases' that hold popular and easily available Samsung 18650 Batteries. This is a big bonus for many as you no longer have to purchase a proprietary battery if you want extended run times. Here's a video of what it looks like, and what's included.

The one thing CAME-TV has mentioned is that it's important to remove the 18650 batteries from the battery cases when not in use. Otherwise it's possible the batteries can drop down below a voltage that most chargers see as a possible bad battery. Then you'd end up having to replace the Batteries. This is common for many types of batteries as it could be an indication of a bad cell, or bad battery. If the battery is good, it's more like 'sleep mode' and it's possible to recover a good battery from this if you know how (i'll let you do research on that).

So if you're looking to stock up on extra power, here's an example of these 18650 Batteries that customers seem to have positive reviews with:
18650 samsung battery cells
Learn-More-sm Samsung 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

And you can find additional information about the CAME-TV ARGO and MINI3 Gimbals at the CAME-TV website (here).

came-tv-mini3came-tv argo gimbal
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV ARGO and MINI3 Gimbals


So Canon has finally released the 5D Mark IV. I'm sure anyone who decides to shoot with this camera will get excellent results and it's probably a workhorse that will last for years. But the question is, is it enough to compare with what's already available? Open to comments, and there's a quick poll below.

Product Overview:

Continuing on in their legacy of powerful workhorse cameras, Canon has released the 5D Mark IV DSLR which is an outstanding still photography option and an able 4K-capable video machine. This multimedia maven offers a newly developed 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor paired with the DIGIC 6+ image processor in order to balance fine detail and resolution with low-light performance and sensitivity. It is able to work within a native range of ISO 100-32000, which can then be expanded to an impressive ISO 50-102400, for sharp, low-noise images in a variety of conditions. Along with these improvements to image quality, users will enjoy a performance boost across the board with an enhanced AF system, built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS, and much more.

Learn-More-sm Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR


If you're looking to power up a small camera or accessory for an extended period of time, Sony L-Series batteries are a popular choice. It's a very common battery used to power anything from small LED lighting, monitors, wireless video transmitters, etc.

Sony L-Series Batteries are also available in a variety of capacities from small to large depending on your needs and are generally inexpensive. Especially if you don't want to deal with the size, weight, and expense of v-mount (or gold mount) battery solutions, you may want to check out these Sony L-Series Battery Mounts from IndiPro Tools.

While there are existing Sony battery trays that can be modified to use in a similar way, there are a few differences with the IndiPro Tools Sony L-Series Battery systems. The first would be the integrated Dummy Battery. No need to purchase one separately and no loose cable connections to deal with.

The IndiPro Tools Battery Mount comes ready with a 1/4" thread and 15mm clamp mount which makes it easier and cleaner when mounting to any rig. The build quality exceeds that of the cheaper plastic battery trays as well. IndiPro Tools has a rubberized coating, lower profile, metal backing plate, and the batteries lock in rock solid with no play.

So while powering your camera and accessories with Sony L-Series Batteries may not be something entirely new, IndiPro Tools has designed a nice solid streamlined product for those that want a more quality solution. For more information about the IndiPro Tools Sony L-Series Battery Mounts (click here).

Learn-More-sm IndiPRO Tools Sony L-Series Mounting Plate w/ 15mm Clamp

Other items mentioned
And if you're interested in checking out my previous review about the Swit Sony Replacement Battery (click here).
swit battery meter dc outswit battery for sony npf series l series meter dc out
Learn-More-sm SWIT S-8972 47Wh Sony Replacement Battery with Meter and DC Out

I'm using lightweight carbon fiber 15mm Rods from PVGear.com, and for the fairly universal 15mm Baseplate seen in the video (click here).
smallrig 15mm baseplate
Learn-More-sm Low Profile 15mm Rod Clamp Baseplate

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If you want to add music to your projects (without getting flagged on YouTube and Facebook), check out Jukedeck. Instead of downloading random music that never seems to be a perfect fit, with JukeDeck you are able to customize the length, tempo, and set exact BPM to match your project perfectly. There's also an option for choosing when the music should Climax. So the music you create for sections of your project will have a proper intro and outro. Here's a quick demo.

Obviously, visit JukeDeck.com to register for your Free account and start creating your FREE music tracks.

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If you own a Panasonic GH3 / GH4 (or other M43 camera) then you'll find that the the Panasonic 7-14mm Wide Angle Lens is a must have for ultra wide views with minimal barrel distortion. You'll often see my gimbal reviews setup with the GH4 and the 7-14mm as this is one of my favorite lightweight camera setups to run around with.

But in bright outdoor situations you don't easily have the option of adding a proper CPL Polarizer or ND Filter to maintain proper shutter speeds while shooting video. Perhaps you'll need a very dark ND Filter for long exposure images or to add motion blur during timelapse images. Or maybe you're thinking about adding a basic UV (clear) filter to protect the front lens element during a car mount, or sports that could kick debris towards your lens causing chips and scratches.

There's a number of good reasons why you'll want to add filters to the Panasonic 7-14mm lens, and so you'll want to check out this PVGear threaded filter holder. It's made of a durable plastic, but has a metal threaded ring to mount your filter. It merely clamps to the hood, so you don't need any tools to get it on or off. If you're a fan of this lens like I am, you can find more information about the Panasonic 7-14mm Filter Adapter over on the product page (click here).

panasonic wide angle lens nd filter 7-14mm7-14mm filter holder adapter
Learn-More-sm Threaded Filter Adapter for Panasonic 7-14mm Wide Angle Lens

And if you're like me, I like to keep the Variable ND Filter slim while still on a budget. A great option is the Fotga 86mm Slim VND (found here).


Do you work with a few different camera bodies and need a universal cage to fit them all? Perhaps you've upgraded camera bodies and your old Cages is no longer compatible with the new camera body? Or maybe you just have one of those camera bodies that don't third-party companies choose not to make dedicated cages for (i.e. Sony RX10MKII, Panasonic G7, etc.).

Situations like these are probably good reason to look at the new Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Half Cage. It's designed to fit around most camera bodies giving you a proper Top Handle and dozens of mounting points for your EVFs, Monitors, Microphones, LED Lighting, etc. The video below offers a look at the Varavon Zeus UNI and a general idea how it works.

The Varavon Zeus UNI seems to be versatile enough to work with many different camera bodies, but there could be times when the cage blocks the top dials. This is mainly an issue with cameras that are very flat at the top. But with cameras that have slightly raised hotshoes (GH4, A7sII, Canon 5D, etc) this will provide additional clearance to access those top dials and menu buttons.

I believe most people would rather choose a custom designed form fitting Cage for their camera bodies. But if you can't seem to find one available for your unique camera model, this simple C-Type Half Cage could be a great option. For more information visit the Zeus UNI product page (here).

Learn-More-sm Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Half Cage


I posted a short overview of the FotoDiox ND Throttle Fusion Adapter not too long ago. It's a clever lens adapter that will get your Canon EF Autofocus lenses mounted to your Sony camera bodies (like A7sII, A7RII) and allow you to fully communicate with the lens using the Sony dials buttons. The adapter supports autofocus, image stabilization, and adjustment of iris. But obviously the big difference is the built in Variable ND Filter that allows you to more ways to control your exposure. Check out the video below for more details.

Now there are times you may not need a variable ND filter on the camera, especially when shooting in dim lighting. So that makes this 24 Hour Flash Deal something to consider. With the purchase of an ND Throttle Auto Adapter, FotoDiox will throw in a Smart Adapter as well (basically same thing without the nd filter). This deal ends on Wednesday (8.17.16) at Midnight CST, and in order to get the deal you must ADD Both Items to Cart and use coupon code THROTTLEUP.

Click here to get your Smart Fusion ND Throttle AND Free Auto Adapter today (click here).

FotoDiox FLASH ND Throttle
FotoDiox 24 Hour FLASH DEAL. Purchase ND Throttle ND Auto and Receive FREE Smart Adapter.


If you're working with a variety of Canon EF Auto Focus lenses with your Sony A7s, Sony A7sII or Sony A7RII cameras, you'll need a good lens adapter that can communicate to the lens so that you can at least change aperture values. Otherwise your lens will be stuck at one Aperture. At the same time, you'll probably need a variety of ND Filters to fit the different lenses - or at least a bunch of step up filters.

Or you can simplify your workflow and check out the new FotoDiox ND Throttle Fusion Adapter that has a built in Variable ND Filter (inside the lens adapter) while still allowing full communication to your Canon EF Auto Focus Lens and to adjust aperture settings from the camera's dials.

The FotoDiox ND Throttle Auto Lens Adapter is especially handy for people who love shooting in SLOG and wide open apertures. As the base ISO with SLOG on an A7s is 3200 (or 1600 on A7sII) normally your way overexposed. Adding an ND Filter as part of your Sony shooting kit is going to really help you control that SLOG exposure while keeping your super shallow DOF look.

Of course there are times when you need every bit of light you can get, so I can't say it's going to be the only Lens Adapters in your bag. Once you have this ND Throttle mounted you'll get a bit of light loss even at it's minimum setting ND. But I generally like shooting 'with' light and always try to add creative lighting to our scenes, so I could say this would probably tackle more than 80% of what we shoot with the Sony A7sII. It's definitely an adapter I think i'll use more over my Metabones.

fotodiox canon to sony lens adapter variable nd filterfotodiox nd throttle auto variable nd
Learn-More-sm Fotodiox ND Throttle Auto Adapter Canon EF to Sony E-Mount


Having a nice powerful lighting kit is great, but let's not forget how important it is to have ways of controlling and modifying all that light using items such as flags, grids, bounces, softboxes, etc.

If you don't have a softbox for your LED panel, the D-Fuse Softboxes are foldable instant pop-up boxes that are designed to fit most LED Panels via stretch bands that pull across the back of your LED Panel.

Just recently, they've added another version - all white. This type of diffusion is similar to the effects you get from what some call a China Ball, Drum Light, White Dome, or Lantern. You may often see this type of light used hanging above subjects evenly lighting up an area.

While this may not be your primary modifier, it is a handy accessory to have as part of your kit. Especially if you're going for low contrast with less shadows. Perhaps a good modifier to use for product closeups or food photography.

The new D-Fuse All White version is available in three different sizes. Just measure our your LED Panel and compare it with the 'back window' dimensions listed on the D-Fuse product pages (found here).

Learn-More-sm D-Fuse Instant Pop-Up Softbox All White