Today GoPro announced their latest HERO5 camera, HERO5 Session camera, and a new online Cloud service to upload all of your GoPro footage for easy editing and sharing to social networks. The biggest improvements on the new HERO5 Black is voice control, automatic uploading to new Cloud Service (over wifi), Image Stabilization, and a complete waterproof build so you no longer need to fuss with a separate housing.


GoPro also released more information about their much anticipated 'Karma System' which is both a Drone and Modular Gimbal Stabilizer. The gimbal can be used handheld or mounted (i.e. helmet, body harness, bike, etc). The same gimbal is also used to stabilize your GoPro HERO5 when flying on the Karma Drone. The Karma Drone design is fairly compact through a folding design and comes with a game style controller with integrated screen (no iphone or tablet needed). The live view image can be streamed to a second operator who also has the option to control the camera - dual operator style.

Learn-More-sm GoPro Karma is Out There - Experience Now


If you've ever struggled to balance cameras such as the Sony FS7 or Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini into a DJI Ronin, then your interest will be peaked by the new CAME-TV Prodigy Gimbal. It's a physically larger gimbal with a deeper, wider, and taller frame offering up a lot more room to balance these types of cameras. Yet despite the larger size, the Prodigy Gimbal is almost a full pound lighter than the full size DJI Ronin (not to mention less expensive too). Here's an unboxing of what comes with the new CAME-TV Prodigy Gimbal and a quick demo of the Ursa Mini placed on the system.

The system comes with a nice rolling hardcase with durable dense custom cut foam. The battery system is powered by (4) 18650 Batteries which doesn't lock you into propriety batteries if you need more run time.

Balancing the system requires no tools, and there are plenty of fine tuning knob adjustments to get the balance perfect. Just like their Mini3 and ARGO Gimbals, there is a built in wireless video transmitter. On the frame is a 15mm Rod Clamp for you to attach accessories such as a wireless follow focus. It comes ready with a wireless joystick, and also a Quick Mount Plate to attach the CAME-TV Prodigy in creative ways (like under a jib or RC Gimbal Car).

Prodigy Gimbal mounted on CAME-TV SailFish

The Prodigy is the latest and LARGEST gimbal CAME-TV has made to date. The final production version is even larger than what was shown at NAB2016. It was designed specifically to resolve the issues of balancing these larger camera bodies or cameras with heavier lenses. The Prodigy is available to order now at the CAME-TV Website (click here).

Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Prodigy 3-Axis Gimbal 32-Bit w/ Encoders


Here's a little overview of the new DJI OSMO MOBILE Gimbal (for smartphones) as well as a test using the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens on an iPhone 6s. Since the arm on the Roll motor can be extended on the OSMO Mobile, this balances quite well without the need of any additional counterweights. It's just a tad top heavy but the OSMO's strong motors handles the load with ease.

Using the FilmicPro app to shoot video instead of the DJI Go App allowed me to configure the iPhone for real time Anamorphic DeSqueeze preview and also choose various resolutions and bitrates. FilmicPro has also been updated to support the OSMO Mobile so you can hit the record button on the joystick to start and stop video, and use the Capture button (normally for stills) to lock focus and exposure.

While many choices have already existed for gimbals that support iPhones, the new DJI OSMO Mobile already works pretty darn well with the heavy weight of the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens. Find it here (link).

dji osmo mobile gimbal smartphone


Here's one new product from Zoom i've already went ahead and pre-ordered. I've been looking at the Zoom F8 Multitrack Recorder for some time, but now that they have just announced this less expensive Zoom F4 Recorder with similar features as the F8, it's pretty much a done deal for me.

I also currently have all the various Modular Zoom Mic Capsules that I use with my Zoom H6, and the F4 allows me to continue to use them. What may not be clear is the Zoom H4 does have a 1/4" tripod mount underneath, and also comes with a Camera Mount Adapter. So you'll be able to use the Zoom F4 mounted under your camera (something I can't do with my H6). Available for Pre-Order now (here).

zoom_zf4_f4_multitack_field_recorder_1473187634000_1260110zoom f4 camera adapter-ccam
Learn-More-sm Zoom F4 Multitrack Recorder


Many single hand gimbal systems require their handles to operate, but because the Optimus has relocated their batteries outside of the handle, you have more versatile mounting options. This new adapter opens up even more possibilities to creatively mount the CAME-TV Optimus Gimbal Frame (without handles) to keep a low profile. For example you can now easily mount the Optimus to Monopod, Jib, or even Car Mount. Visit CAME-TV.com for more info.

Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Optimus Gimbal 1/4" 3/8" QR Adapter


Today DJI announced the new OSMO Mobile Gimbal for Smartphones. Yes, there are already plenty of existing smartphone gimbals on the market, but what makes the OSMO Mobile different is the way the gimbal interacts with the smartphone via the DJI GO app.

dji osmo mobile gimbal

A few features are Face Tracking to automatically pan and tilt the gimbal, work as a Motorized Pan Tilt head for motion timelapse, and even Live Stream to YouTube and Facebook from within the app. As far as Smartphone Gimbals go, I think they just stole the show. There's a list of other features for the OSMO Mobile available now at the DJI Website (found here).

dji osmo mobile gimbal smartphone

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I know that these new Delkin CFAST Cards are not officially certified by BlackMagic Design to work with the URSA cameras, but I wanted to know to what extent it would work. I'm sure a lot of you shooting with the URSA want to know the same, so I'm throwing up this post. Without getting too technical or running any scientific tests, my experience is that it's probably stable when used at HD resolution (1080), lower framerates, and anything less than ProRes HQ.

So while it can work, I don't think it works well enough to consider this your primary storage. The super long delay of the DELKIN CFast Cards during formatting makes me a bit weary as well. If you're really hard up on a budget you can try those CFAST to SSD Adapters which give you best bang for the buck.

But those external SSD Adapters get in the way sometimes when you're trying to fly on a gimbal, or run a compact rig. Eventually you'll find you need at least one good set of CFAST Cards. At the moment the most reliable, 'officially supported', and least expensive CFAST Media for the URSA Mini is the Transcend Cards (found here).

transcend cfast 128transcend cfast cards
Learn-More-sm Transcend CFAST Cards for Ursa Mini

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A look at some new Shotgun Mic Shock Mounts from Rode Microphones. The SM3-R and SM4-R are using Dual Rycote Lyre Suspension mounts, sport a low profile, and have no rubber bands to lose or break. Each mount also has an integrated Cable Management Clip. The SM3-R is designed for Hotshoe mounting while the SM4-R has a 5/8 thread (with 3/8" adapter included) designed for Boom Pole mounting. The Rode SM3-R and SM4-R is available for Pre-Order (here).

Learn-More-sm Rode SM3-R and SM4-R Shotgun Mic Suspension Mounts


There's been a recent change with the CAME-TV ARGO and MINI 3 Batteries. These stabilizers have now moved to 'Battery Cases' that hold popular and easily available Samsung 18650 Batteries. This is a big bonus for many as you no longer have to purchase a proprietary battery if you want extended run times. Here's a video of what it looks like, and what's included.

The one thing CAME-TV has mentioned is that it's important to remove the 18650 batteries from the battery cases when not in use. Otherwise it's possible the batteries can drop down below a voltage that most chargers see as a possible bad battery. Then you'd end up having to replace the Batteries. This is common for many types of batteries as it could be an indication of a bad cell, or bad battery. If the battery is good, it's more like 'sleep mode' and it's possible to recover a good battery from this if you know how (i'll let you do research on that).

So if you're looking to stock up on extra power, here's an example of these 18650 Batteries that customers seem to have positive reviews with:
18650 samsung battery cells
Learn-More-sm Samsung 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

And you can find additional information about the CAME-TV ARGO and MINI3 Gimbals at the CAME-TV website (here).

came-tv-mini3came-tv argo gimbal
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV ARGO and MINI3 Gimbals